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Syllabification: Hys·tri·co·mor·pha
Pronunciation: /ˌhistrikōˈmôrfə
A major division of the rodents that includes the guinea pigs, porcupines, coypu, and their relatives. They occur chiefly in South America.
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  • The Guinea Pig, Cavia porcellus, is a mammal of the order Rodentia, sub-order Hystricomorpha and family Caviidae.
  • The Old World members of this group are sometimes placed in a separate group called the porcupine-like rodents (Hystricomorpha).


modern Latin (plural), from Latin hystrix, hystric- 'porcupine' (from Greek hustrix) + morphē 'form'.



Pronunciation: /ˈhistrikōˌmôrf/
noun& adjective
More example sentences
  • The myomorph and sciuromorph taxa are included in the Sciurognathi, while most hystricomorphs are in the Hystricognathi.
  • Nevertheless, hystricomorph rodents are an exception among mammals, possessing an insulin molecule with many amino acid substitutions.

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