Definition of Lysenko, Trofim Denisovich in English:

Lysenko, Trofim Denisovich

Syllabification: Ly·sen·ko, Trofim Denisovich
Pronunciation: /līˈsenkō, liˈsyenkə
  • (1898–1976), Soviet biologist and geneticist. An adherent of Lamarck’s theory of evolution by the inheritance of acquired characteristics, he dominated Soviet genetics for many years.



Pronunciation: /-kōˌizəm/
More example sentences
  • When Vavilov in 1932 suggested holding the next Genetics Congress in Russia, this process of political intervention of Lysenkoism into the body of science was in its heyday.
  • Genetics in the USSR was in bad shape because of the preceding decades of Lysenkoism, and it was dangerous to complain publicly about life in the USSR.
  • The popularity of Lysenkoism is not hard to understand.


Pronunciation: /-kōˌist/
adjective noun
More example sentences
  • In fact this is quite different from the Scopes trial where the pro-science counsel made quite a mess of things and it was left to the Judiciary to prevent a Lysenkoist denunciation.
  • Instead, they're seeking a Lysenkoist solution that would have politics determine courses' content.
  • But, though some Lysenkoist ideas were absurd, that does not mean that philosophy as such should or can be kept out of science.

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