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Syllabification: Naz·a·rene
Pronunciation: /ˈnazəˌrēn


1A native or inhabitant of Nazareth.
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  • Surely if the Nazarenes had called out to Jesus as Bartimaeus did, he would have opened their eyes, too.
  • So even when he chastised his fellow Nazarenes for not accepting him, he did it out of a loving concern and even anguish over their hardness of heart.
  • But instead of smilingly accepting the accolades of his fellow Nazarenes, Jesus turns provocative.
1.1 (the Nazarene) Jesus Christ.
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  • The apostles of the Nazarene then established them anew.
  • The scripture states, ‘Do not be alarmed, you are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified.’
  • The precepts of the Nazarene, he asserted, were ‘the most pure, benevolent, and sublime which have ever been preached to man.’
1.2(Chiefly in Jewish or Muslim use) a Christian.
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  • A graffito on the wall of a ruined department store scrawls out a defiant message: ‘Muslim power vanquishes the Nazarenes.’
1.3A member of an early sect or faction of Jewish Christians, especially one in 4th-century Syria using an Aramaic version of the Gospels and observing much of the Jewish law.
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  • He boldly claims that he is a Nazarene descended from the Hebrew line of the Israelites.
  • Still, somewhere beneath your feet is a subterranean passage that obligingly ran from this all male seminary to the next door convent of Nazarene nuns.
1.4A member of the Church of the Nazarene, a Christian Protestant denomination originating in the American holiness movement.
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  • Although her father was a preacher, she had found her way out of that world, triggered first in a Footloose style moment when she was cited for dancing at her Nazarene college.
  • He received his Bachelors Degree in Physical Education last June from Point Loma Nazarene College and coaches track at a local high School.
  • Carol was a graduate of Eatern Nazarene College as well as Muskingum.
2A member of a group of German painters working mainly in Rome who from 1809 sought to revive the art and techniques of medieval Germany and early Renaissance Italy.
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  • Fuseli's influence was now modified by that of the Nazarenes; Germanic illustrations to Frankenstein and Dante followed.
  • Its members wanted to reinvigorate painting with the colourfulness, naturalism, and ‘truthfulness’ of the early Italian painters, as the Nazarenes had done.
  • The idea cannot be dismissed out of hand, but the similarity of technique in painting in bold colours on a light ground might be due to a common ancestry: the Nazarenes or the school of Lyons.


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Of or relating to Nazareth or Nazarenes.
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  • The question is merely a challenge to our accepted patterns of life, a threat to our content minds that is perhaps on a par with the words of one 2000 year old Nazarene carpenter.
  • How were they to know that this minor Nazarene prophet would cause such a fuss?


via late Latin from Greek Nazarēnos, from Nazaret 'Nazareth'.

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