Definition of Patagonia in English:


Syllabification: Pat·a·go·ni·a
Pronunciation: /ˌpatəˈɡōnēə
A region in South America, in southern Argentina and Chile. Mostly a dry, barren plateau, it extends from the Colorado River in central Argentina to the Strait of Magellan and from the Andes to the Atlantic coast.


from obsolete Patagon, denoting a member of a native people alleged by travelers of the 17th and 18th cents. to be the tallest known.



adjective& noun
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  • If we assume the Patagonians had the same constants in the four virtuedynamic equations as ourselves (that is, that they were human), the descriptions of the culture are entirely self-consistent.
  • I've met the editor of an American comedy fanzine, a family of Patagonians and a transgender woman at a barbeque for fans of the Archers, and of course my lovely wife Jan.
  • You may often find yourself slack-jawed on this journey into the Patagonian wilds, gaping at the enormous Andean condors and deep-green beech forests juxtaposed against brilliant-white glaciers.

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