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Syllabification: Sam·o·yed
Pronunciation: /ˈsaməˌyed, səˈmoiyid


1A member of a group of mainly nomadic peoples of northern Siberia, who traditionally live as reindeer herders.
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  • The Samoyed is Spitz-type which takes its name from the Siberian tribe of the Samoyeds.
  • One myth - again judging from such peoples as the Samoyeds and Buryats - would seem to have been an earth-diver creation in which an animal is sent by the creator to find an earthly substance in the depths of the primal waters.
  • Thousands of years ago the ancestors of both the present Finno-Ugrians and the Samoyeds lived together in their Uralic homeland.
2Any of several Samoyedic (Uralic) languages of the Samoyeds.
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  • One tribe, the Kamasin, spoke Samoyed until the middle of the last century.
2.1 another term for Samoyedic.
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  • The Finno-Ugric and Samoyed languages split more than 6,000 years ago.
  • The north European tundra is populated by several related peoples speaking Samoyedic languages.
3A dog of a white Arctic breed.
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  • For a white dog, the Samoyed stays amazingly clean, but an occasional bath is necessary.
  • And as for the dogs, three different breeds compete in Scotland, and were in evidence at Aviemore: Siberian huskies, the lean sprinters; Samoyeds, large, white and fluffy; and Malamutes, the heavier freight dogs.
  • The Samoyed is a snow dog and loves the outdoors.


from Russian samoed 'self-eater', a folk etymology from a Lapp (Sami) phrase meaning 'land of the Sami'.

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