Definition of abduction in English:


Syllabification: ab·duc·tion
Pronunciation: /abˈdəkSH(ə)n


1The action or an instance of forcibly taking someone away against their will: they organized the abduction of Mr. Cordes on his way to the airport abductions by armed men in plain clothes
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  • She helps police investigate murders, abductions, rapes and extortions.
  • They were also responsible for hundreds of religious and political abductions and assassinations.
  • I have read that stranger abductions are actually on the decline in the past couple of years.
1.1(In legal use) the illegal removal of a child from parents or guardians.
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  • In some cases of abduction, the abducting parent is mentally unstable and/or a drug abuser.
  • The solicitor, guiding delegates around the legal minefield of parental abduction, wants the law amended.
  • Removal of a child from a parent without lawful authority may amount to the criminal offence of child abduction.
2 Physiology The movement of a limb or other part away from the midline of the body, or from another part. The opposite of adduction (see adduct1).
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  • Typically, the patient presents with the arm held close to the body in abduction and internal rotation.
  • Any movement requiring abduction of the arm more than 90 degrees is painful.
  • Normal hip range of motion includes abduction, adduction, circumduction, extension, and flexion.

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