There are 2 main definitions of add in English:

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add 1

Pronunciation: /ad/


[with object]
1Join (something) to something else so as to increase the size, number, or amount: a new wing was added to the building some box offices now add on a handling charge (as adjective added) one vitamin tablet daily will give added protection [no object]: this development added to the problems facing the staff
More example sentences
  • Interest is added to the amount invested at maturity and the full investment amount is available for withdrawal.
  • In some situations, the broker's fee is added to the actual amount of money that the person wants to borrow.
  • The young owners have extended and restored the cottage, adding a conservatory to increase light in the kitchen and a large Velux window in the bathroom - perfect for stargazing
attach, build on, join, append, affix, connect, annex;
include, incorporate, throw in, toss in;
1.1 [no object] (add up) Increase in amount, number, or degree: watch those air miles add up!
More example sentences
  • Although the money from the Government is not a substantial amount, if everyone chips in the total can add up very nicely.
  • As I was watching the money add up I realised I was having to invoke some serious self control.
  • Migoto watched as the fish added up quickly, and then quickly turned, walking down the bank the opposite way of the men.
increase, magnify, amplify, augment, intensify, heighten, deepen;
compound, reinforce;
add fuel to the fire of, fan the flames of, rub salt on the wound of
1.2Put or mix (an ingredient) together with another as one of the stages in the preparation of a dish: add the flour to the eggs, stirring continuously
More example sentences
  • Stir dry ingredients together, then add slowly to butter/sugar mixture.
  • Place the Bramleys and raspberries in a large ovenproof dish, add the caster sugar and toss together until the fruit is coated.
  • One hour before the asado begins, mix all the ingredients together, adding as much oil as needed to lubricate the mixture.
1.3Put (something) in or on something else so as to improve or alter its quality or nature: chlorine is added to the water to kill bacteria (as adjective added) the fruit juice contains no added sugar
More example sentences
  • Unlike bronze, additional material cannot be added to acrylic after it is cast.
  • In 1904, he created Ovomaltine by adding ingredients like sugar, whey, and beet extract to his father's creation.
  • Home-baking was banned years ago after warders found cannabis was being added to the cake ingredients.
1.4Contribute (an enhancing quality) to something: the canopy will add a touch of class to your bedroom
More example sentences
  • He will entertain spectators and add a bit more quality to our batting.
  • And each has been a solid contributor, adding much-needed depth.
  • The decision to pay match fees to professionals has prompted him to give it another go, adding some much needed quality and experience to the side.
2Put together (two or more numbers or amounts) to calculate their total value: they added all the figures up add the two numbers together [no object]: children learned to add and subtract quickly and accurately
More example sentences
  • The third and fourth numbers are found using the Fibonacci rule: add the latest two values to get the next.
  • To calculate the total score, simply add these numbers together.
  • Then add these numbers together - and work out their percentage out of the possible maximum of 30.
total, add up, count, count up, compute, calculate, reckon, tally
dated cast up
2.1 [no object] (add up to) Amount to: this adds up to a total of 400 calories figurative these isolated incidents don’t add up to a true picture of the situation
More example sentences
  • This modest little announcement promises to add up to more than the sum of its parts.
  • These repeated checks added up to considerable amounts of time and fragmented work, particularly as nurses had to log on to the computer each time.
  • The two cups were added to the previous cups that he had drunk and added up to a substantial amount of alcohol in his system.
amount to, come to, run to, make, total, equal, number
amount to, constitute;
signify, signal, mean, indicate, denote, point to, be evidence of, be symptomatic of
informal spell
2.2 [no object, usually with negative] (add up) informal Seem reasonable or consistent; make sense: many things in her story didn’t add up
More example sentences
  • Once you start to apply this guiding principle, then a lot of Peel's seemingly baffling eclecticism begins to add up and make sense.
  • Nothing adds up, nothing makes sense but anyone with any love for the genre will be astounded by its inexplicable energy and consistency (if they don't dismiss it after the first listen).
  • I just wanted to say that your web site and explanation of world news makes sense and adds up at the end of the day.
3 [reporting verb] Say as a further remark: [with direct speech]: “I hope we haven’t been too much trouble,” she added politely [with object]: we would like to add our congratulations [with clause]: he added that few of America’s allies would support military action
More example sentences
  • He added that the response of their neighbours to the event has been everything they could hope for.
  • He added that the response to the signature campaign has been overwhelming so far.
  • He added that the responsibility for the next year's budget now rests with the MPs and they are the ones to decide.
go on to say, state further, continue, carry on


Late Middle English: from Latin addere, from ad- 'to' + the base of dare 'put'.

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There are 2 main definitions of add in English:

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1Analog digital digital, indicating that a music recording was made in analog format before being mastered and stored digitally.
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