Definition of adept in English:


Syllabification: a·dept


Pronunciation: /əˈdept
Very skilled or proficient at something: he is adept at cutting through red tape an adept negotiator
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  • Other countries are more adept at keeping their judges in check.
  • She has never driven a car but was very adept at handling a pony and cart.
  • Emergency nappy changing is a skill most mothers become quite adept at.
adroit, dexterous, deft, artful;
brilliant, splendid, marvelous, formidable, outstanding, first-rate, first-class, excellent, fine
informal great, top-notch, tip-top, A1, ace, mean, hotshot, crack, nifty, deadly
informal crackerjack


Pronunciation: /ˈadept
, əˈdept
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A person who is skilled or proficient at something: they are adepts at kung fu and karate
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  • Some Hindi-film adepts, including author-screenwriter Suketu Mehta and Internet Movie Database staffer Michel Hafner have offered help.
  • I will leave that judgment to other kung-fu adepts.
  • To begin with, they are adepts of conspiracy theory, obsessed with information, disinformation, propaganda and its country cousin, mind control.


mid 17th century: from Latin adeptus 'achieved', past participle of adipisci 'obtain, attain'.



More example sentences
  • The teacher guides but doesn't boss, adeptly drawing answers out of the class, encouraging them to play, praise and read to their infants, gently urging affection, attention and firmness.
  • It's light and simple, adeptly done and incredibly filling.
  • And even when he is making rather cheap political points, he often does so adeptly.


More example sentences
  • The artistic adeptness and the uniqueness of the theme elevate the pictures to an international standard.
  • The nature of this software, with its intelligent objects and adeptness at technical drawings, diagrams, and charts leads to comparisons with Microsoft Visio.
  • However, with imaginative adeptness, the abiku can be here and there simultaneously.

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