Definition of adventitious in English:


Syllabification: ad·ven·ti·tious
Pronunciation: /ˌadvenˈtiSHəs


1Happening or carried on according to chance rather than design or inherent nature: my adventures were always adventitious, always thrust on me
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  • Then, as if in tribute to the adventitious nature of idea generation, the solution came to him in his sleep.
  • Nowhere was this adventitious attitude to life more evident than in the rural music scene.
  • The influence a writer can exert is purely adventitious.
1.1Coming from outside; not native: the adventitious population
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  • No adventitious spooks are required to account for this-the ‘laws’ of biochemistry and physics are spooky enough.
  • One possible source for this high frequency dispersion could be trace amounts of adventitious oxygen or contributions from iron.
  • Indeed, it has been proposed that these adventitious materials play a role in in meso crystallization.
1.2 Biology Formed accidentally or in an unusual anatomical position: propagation of sour cherries by adventitious shoots
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  • It has previously been shown that adventitious organogenesis and embryogenesis could occur in parallel from in vitro-cultured tissues of Helianthus.
  • In adventitious embryony, the embryo develops directly from nucellar or chalazal tissue without an intervening gametophyte stage.
  • Flight-feather molt categories were symmetric, adventitious, and juvenal.
1.3 Botany (Of a root) growing directly from the stem or other upper part of a plant.
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  • The total number of primary adventitious roots per plant was closely correlated with corm dry weight.
  • The young parasite then develops a tubercle, with adventitious roots and a shoot.
  • Oxygen transport from shoot through adventitious roots has been visualized directly.


early 17th century: from Latin adventicius 'coming to us from abroad' (from advenire 'arrive') + -ous (see also -itious2).



More example sentences
  • That is, idiosyncratic behavior may develop adventitiously.
  • Leafy shoots are borne adventitiously on the dorsal side of the long, creeping root.
  • On the facts as we understand them, it was an offence adventitiously committed.

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