Definition of adversarial in English:


Syllabification: ad·ver·sar·i·al
Pronunciation: /ˌadvərˈserēəl


1Involving or characterized by conflict or opposition: industry and government had an adversarial relationship
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  • With shared goals, there is less reason for conflict or adversarial relationships.
  • Working for opposing stations the two men relished the jokey adversarial relationship they shared - one which continues until today.
  • The Convention drew up a list of principles to guide the Parliament, including the aim to move away from the adversarial nature of Westminster and towards a model based on power-sharing and public participation.
1.1Opposed; hostile: the reviewer’s presumed adversarial relationship to his subject
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  • The organization is intended to be inquisitorial, as opposed to adversarial.
  • Being adversarial is not about creating enemies or escalating hostilities, but is a way to develop the dynamic conditions from which people learn to respect each other.
  • However, calling attention to the basic differences between the two fields does not mean they are opposites, nor necessarily adversarial in relationship.
1.2 Law (Of a trial or legal procedure) in which the parties in a dispute have the responsibility for finding and presenting evidence: equality between prosecution and defense is essential in an adversarial system of justice Compare with inquisitorial.
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  • In this tradition, a single judge both investigates and decides a case without benefit of an adversarial trial.
  • We have an adversarial system where evidence needs to be tested under cross-examination, so if we're going to put somebody behind bars, you need to establish charges beyond reasonable doubt.
  • If the parties fail to achieve a settlement through the collaborative law approach, the parties may then pursue adversarial court proceedings.



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  • Go back as far as you like, you'll find (some/many) literary theorists insisting that Lies Are Good while (some/many) historians adversarially promote an ethos of Just-the-Facts.
  • Eventually this pressure led in 1935 to a Parliamentary Select Committee enquiry into their case, conducted adversarially between two different systems of philosophy and treatment.
  • This Tribunal is enjoined to not only be fair, but also to be quick and to act inquisitorially and not adversarially.

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