Definition of advise in English:


Syllabification: ad·vise
Pronunciation: /ədˈvīz


[reporting verb]
1Offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone: [with object and infinitive]: I advised him to go home [with object]: he advised caution [no object]: we advise against sending cash by mail [with direct speech]: “Go to Paris,” he advised
More example sentences
  • The above guidelines advise against antibiotics because of their ineffectiveness, which may not be true.
  • I strongly advise against the incorporation of emergency laws into our ordinary legal system.
  • While it is may seem appropriate to bring flowers to a hostess, I usually advise against it.
counsel, give guidance, guide, offer suggestions, give hints, give tips, give pointers
1.1 [with object] Recommend (something): sleeping pills are not advised
More example sentences
  • Another release had a curious note advising the recommending of headphones when listening.
  • And it may encourage solicitors to advise silence for other than good objective reasons.
  • The doctor diagnosed the condition, advising doses of testosterone over any recommended levels.
advocate, recommend, suggest, urge, encourage, enjoin
1.2 [with object] Inform (someone) about a fact or situation, typically in a formal or official way: you will be advised of the requirements [with object and clause]: the lawyer advised the court that his client wished to give evidence
More example sentences
  • I was recently advised of a splendid plan to unloose some sparrow hawks in Glasgow's parks and squares.
  • I was advised of it by email from an Australian journalist, who asked for a comment.
  • She claims she was not advised of alternative pharmacies as the pharmacist refused to speak to her.
inform of, notify about/of, give notice of, apprise of, warn of, forewarn of;
acquaint with, make familiar with, keep posted about, update about/on
informal fill in on


Middle English: from Old French aviser, based on Latin ad- 'to' + visere, frequentative of videre 'to see'. The original senses included 'look at' and 'consider', hence 'consider jointly, consult with others'.

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