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Syllabification: af·flu·ent
Pronunciation: /ˈaflo͞oənt
, əˈflo͞oənt


1(Especially of a group or area) having a great deal of money; wealthy: the affluent societies of the western world (as plural noun the affluent) only the affluent could afford to travel abroad
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  • The Government wants to redistribute wealth from more affluent areas in the south to deprived parts in the north of the country.
  • Oddly enough, the advertisers deny they are specifically targeting gay consumers, one of society's most affluent groups.
  • However, a more complicated picture emerges from the affluent areas of the cities that were compared.
wealthy, rich, prosperous, well off, moneyed, well-to-do; propertied, substantial, of means, of substance, plutocratic
informal well heeled, rolling in it, made of money, filthy rich, stinking rich, loaded, on easy street
upper-class, upscale
2 archaic (Of water) flowing freely or in great quantity.
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  • He replied that the water was affluent and that they had not reviewed this in detail.


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A tributary stream.
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  • The chief commerce is in silk, which is carried on along the River and its numerous affluents and canals.
  • About 60 miles higher up in the course of the Nile, there is another large affluent from the west.
  • On reaching the bottom, what was our surprise and disgust to find ourselves landed on the high muddy bank of a wide, rapidly flowing affluent of the Great River.


late Middle English (sense 2 of the adjective): via Old French from Latin affluent- 'flowing toward, flowing freely', from the verb affluere, from ad- 'to' + fluere 'to flow'.



More example sentences
  • They have created this awful situation where people can come and live so affluently, and so many others can't afford a decent roof over their heads.
  • By 1970 the concept of duty evaporated in the affluently modeled consumer society.
  • Complex in character, this ecosystem is a self-sustaining community living affluently due to a combination of several important elements such as warmth, rainfall, nutrients and sunlight.

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