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Syllabification: a·gou·ti
Pronunciation: /əˈgo͞otē

noun (plural same or agoutis)

  • 1A large, long-legged burrowing rodent related to the guinea pig, native to Central and South America.
    • Genera Cuniculus and Dasyprocta, family Dasyproctidae: several species
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    • People gather the nuts, as do native rabbit-size rodents called agoutis.
    • There are many possibilities, especially for comparative research in mole rats, agouti, gerbils and elephant shrews.
    • These include the capybara, the agouti, the coypu, the cavy and the chinchilla.
  • 1.1Fur in which each hair has alternate dark and light bands, producing a grizzled appearance.
    More example sentences
    • The dorsal hair shows so-called agouti pattern.
    • In mice, as in many other mammals, the wild-type pigmentation pattern of the fur is called agouti.
    • If they can see a tabby pattern in the fur, then the cat must be agouti, whereas if the colors are solid then the cat is nonagouti.
  • 1.2A rodent, especially a mouse, having agouti fur.
    More example sentences
    • Fig 2 shows the chemical analysis of melanins from dorsal midline fur of adult agouti mutant mice.
    • Many genetics texts include examples of agouti and black in mice.
    • Crossings between dark variants and gray agoutis only produced agoutis.


mid 16th century: via French or from Spanish aguti, from Tupi akutí.

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