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Syllabification: a·long
Pronunciation: /əˈlôNG, əˈläNG


  • 1Moving in a constant direction on (a path or any more or less horizontal surface): soon we were driving along a narrow road he saw Gary run along the top of the wall [as adverb]: she sailed along we continued to plod along
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    • The oxen continued to plod along the dusty prairie.
    • Instead we found ourselves trundling everywhere in a clapped-out truck along roads with challenging surfaces.
    • Further on, ignore some steps to the left and continue along the top of the gorge.
    down, from one end of —— to the otheronward, on, ahead, forward, forth
  • 1.1Used metaphorically to refer to the passage of time or the making of progress: they can be helped along the road to modernity we passed along snatches of information you’ll pick up some valuable tips along the way [as adverb]: they asked how the construction was coming along
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    • I was hesitant about passing along this information for two reasons.
    • Her plan puts the onus on landlords to collect the information and pass it along to the city every time a new tenant moves in.
    • I know that the quality of the food is not her area, but I asked her to pass the information along for me.
    on, at a point on, in the course of
  • 2Extending in a more or less horizontal line on: cars were parked along the grass border the path along the cliff hotels are springing up all along the coast
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    • They line the grass verge along the roadside, proudly displaying flags and banners.
    • In severe years the sea ice extends along the north coast, and in extremely severe years it reaches the south coast.
    • The wall was eventually extended along the border between East and West Germany.
    beside, by the side of, on the edge of, alongside


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  • 1In or into company with others: he had brought along a friend of his I went along to see Ray
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    • At school and after Eric was a great sprinter and he brought along his old vest from his days with the Town Athletic Club.
    • So if you plan to take your pet along for the trip this summer, here’s what you should keep in mind before heading out.
    • Naturally she went along to see who it was, and it turned out to be a cousin of mine.
    as company, with one, to accompany one, as a partner
  • 1.1At hand; with one: take along a camcorder when you visit
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    • For emergency preparedness, take along a survival kit of supplies.
    • We took along a laptop computer and a digital camera to provide updates of each day's progress.


along about

informal or • dialect Around about (a specified time or date): he generally leaves there along about daylight
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  • That was along about maybe 2001, and I'd come to the Senate, been there for about five or six months.
  • When Sedgwick left, along about midnight, Patterson and John Owens remained, and I finally got to bed a little after two o'clock.
  • They do, however, need help along about now so I would suggest a very light application of a controlled release fertiliser.

along of

archaic or • dialect
  • 1On account of: the trouble I’ve had along of that lady’s crankiness
  • 2With: you’ll have to make a break for it along of me

along the lines (of)

In conformity with: a highway patrol organized along the lines of the New Jersey State Police
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  • Community Beat Managers offer a different style of policing, along the lines of the old style community bobby.
  • We need to be willing to engage in national exercises for disaster contingency, along the lines of the office fire drill.
  • Anyway, the text said something along the lines of ‘send me an email, it will be easier’.

along with

In company with or at the same time as: I was chosen, along with twelve other artists
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  • A hole five metres by four and two metres deep had been dug, along with trenches on either side.
  • Volunteers will be given a free compost bin along with a small kitchen collection bin.
  • There were two supermarket trolleys in the pond along with plastic bags and litter.
together with, accompanying, accompanied by; at the same time as; as well as, in addition to, plus, besides

be (or come) along

Arrive: she’ll be along soon a chance like this doesn’t come along every day
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  • He'd be along soon and I knew he'd love to see them up close.
  • Another health scare will doubtless be along soon.
  • Oh, they are sure to be along one day soon - aren't they?


Old English andlang; related to long1.

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