Definition of amateurish in English:


Syllabification: am·a·teur·ish
Pronunciation: /ˈamədəriSH
, ˌaməˈt(y)o͝oriSH
, aməˈCHo͝oriSH


Unskillful; inept: the editing is choppy and amateurish amateurish actors
More example sentences
  • McBride ran a pretty amateurish campaign, and it showed.
  • While one can dismiss much work at a glance as amateurish or badly crafted, that is not the case for this mark.
  • But if special insight is far beyond my ability, amateurish speculation based on a questionable assumption is not.



More example sentences
  • A movie may be incompetently acted and amateurishly shot.
  • This is the sort of test that is poorly - and amateurishly - designed and conducted, and which proves essentially nothing.
  • The quality of the exhibition was not only amateurishly reminiscent of A-level sketch books, but in some places absolutely risible.


More example sentences
  • The US delegation was shocked by the amateurishness of it all.
  • The result is productions that, regardless of cast, budget, time and effort, cannot drag themselves up from amateurishness.
  • Tom Waits narrates the film, made with no sign of amateurishness.

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