Definition of arrive in English:


Syllabification: ar·rive
Pronunciation: /əˈrīv


[no object]
1Reach a place at the end of a journey or a stage in a journey: we arrived at his house and knocked at the door the team arrived in New Delhi on July 30 they had recently arrived from Turkey
More example sentences
  • Now safe from harm, he and his parents continued their journey and when they arrived in Timnah the lovers looked at each other and were pleased.
  • Shehadeh had arrived in Edinburgh after a torturous journey from Ramallah which continues to bear the brunt of the Israeli occupation.
  • The Varley family finally arrived in Shannon on the Sunday afternoon and Tony arrived in Westport just in time to go on stage.
come, turn up, get here/there, make it, appear, enter, present oneself, come along, materialize
informal show (up), roll in/up, blow in, show one's face
reach, get to, come to, make it to, end up at
informal wind up at
1.1(Of a thing) be brought or delivered: the invitation arrived a few days later
More example sentences
  • Customers on Blue Line 1 will be pleased to know that 12 new double deck buses will arrive early in November bringing much needed extra capacity on this busy route.
  • The circulating nurse verifies that the implant components have arrived and brings them to the OR.
  • I once ordered flowers at another florist's with the same time span for delivery and the flowers arrived on time.
1.2 (arrive at) Reach (a conclusion or decision): they arrived at the same conclusion
More example sentences
  • The conclusion they arrive at is the only logical one it is possible to reach.
  • And he is hardly alone in arriving at the conclusion that Monty has dodged a very serious bullet.
  • I would love to say that I have agonized long and hard before arriving at this decision.
reach, achieve, attain, gain, accomplish;
work out, draw up, put together, strike, settle on
informal clinch
1.3(Of an event or a particular moment) happen or come: we will be in touch with them when the time arrives
More example sentences
  • When the Moment of Truth arrives, the user sees the results of a proper double-blind test.
  • After a long and abrasive period of campaigning, the UK General Election has finally arrived.
  • For such a prospect requires that an infinite number of events must have elapsed before the present moment could arrive.
1.4(Of a new development or product) come into existence or use: microcomputers arrived at the start of the 1970s
More example sentences
  • For local residents, the long wait for offshore petroleum development to arrive on their shores is over.
  • Dell seems determined to pick up Intel's Yamhill product when it arrives - one day.
  • But this time around, it's a much more polished entertainer, although it's overshadowed by products yet to arrive.
emerge, appear, surface, come on the scene, dawn, be born, come into being, arise
1.5(Of a baby) be born: he will feel jealous when a new baby arrives
More example sentences
  • Twin babies girls arrived in Culleen recently to proud parents Pat and Mary Needham.
  • It was the best Christmas present of all for a young Stromness family when baby girl Holly arrived on Boxing Day.
  • The first Swindon babies of 2003 began arriving in the early hours of the year.
1.6 informal Achieve success or recognition.
More example sentences
  • However, if you struggle too much then you won't actually be able to achieve victory once you arrive.
  • The Miller Glasgow International Comedy Festival has finally arrived as a major fixture in the comic calendar.
succeed, be a success, do well, reach the top, make good, prosper, thrive
informal make it, make one's mark, do all right for oneself


Middle English (in the sense 'reach the shore after a voyage'): from Old French ariver, based on Latin ad- 'to' + ripa 'shore'.

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