There are 2 main definitions of article in English:


Syllabification: ar·ti·cle
Pronunciation: /ˈärdək(ə)l


1A particular item or object, typically one of a specified type: small household articles articles of clothing
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  • From household articles to children's toys and leather products to paper creations, there are products for every purse and taste.
  • The training activities for women will be expanded from tailoring to beautician training, and the repair of household articles.
  • Inside are a few photographs of Dr. Kalam, some furniture, other household articles and a visitor's book.
item, thing, object, artifact, commodity, product
2A piece of writing included with others in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication: an article about middle-aged executives
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  • Her one-sided piece is written purely from newspaper reports and magazine articles.
  • In my class, instead of the typical reading and writing assignments we read newspaper and magazine articles, and wrote letters to the editor.
  • It was the lead on the television news and was reported in prominent front-page articles in most newspapers.
report, account, story, write-up, feature, item, piece, column, review, commentary
3A separate clause or paragraph of a legal document or agreement, typically one outlining a single rule or regulation: [as modifier]: it is an offense under Article 7 of the treaty
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  • Does article 105 of the Regulation have any application in the present case?
  • The objections focused on specific articles or clauses.
  • These two different approaches draw on two separate articles in the 1951 Refugee Convention.
clause, section, subsection, point, item, paragraph, division, subdivision, part, portion
4 Grammar see definite article, indefinite article.
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  • Literally translated into English, without articles, definite or indefinite, it becomes ‘return home occasional book’.
  • What I do distinctly recall is the labor of pushing around nouns, verbs, adjectives, articles.
  • English is the only Indo-European language in Europe with no gender marking on articles or nouns - ever notice that?


[with object] (usually be articled) Back to top  
Bind by the terms of a contract, as one of apprenticeship.
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  • It's a crying shame… My father paid three hundred quid to have me articled.
  • Keen to pursue a career in medicine, at 14 he became an articled pupil to William Hardcastle, a Newcastle surgeon.
  • He was an articled pupil of Herbert Brewer at Gloucester Cathedral before gaining an open scholarship in composition to study with Stanford at the RCM in 1911.


Middle English (denoting a separate clause of the Apostles' Creed): from Old French, from Latin articulus 'small connecting part', diminutive of artus 'joint'.


an article of faith

A firmly held belief: it was an article of faith with this circle that women must free themselves
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  • A creed is meant to summarize the explicit teachings or articles of faith, to imbed and thus protect and transmit the beliefs.
  • One of the ironies of multiculturalism is its inconsistency with the other tenets of the liberal articles of faith, such as feminism.
  • Their conviction rests on seven articles of faith, carefully passed from person to person at all levels of the black community.

the genuine article

A person or thing considered to be an authentic and excellent example of their kind.
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  • Janice and Alison go to great lengths to ensure they sell the genuine article, which comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Before Reverend Horton Heat even settles into answering questions, you quickly realize that he is the genuine article.
  • He said: ‘The public has the right to know that what they buy is the genuine article.’

Definition of article in:

There are 2 main definitions of article in English:

Article 152

Syllabification: Ar·ti·cle 15


1A section of the Uniform Code of Military Justice allowing commanders to carry out discretionary punishments without judicial proceedings.
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  • Captain's mast, the Navy's name for the Uniform Code of Military Justice's Article 15 non-judicial punishment, was a commanding officer's duty that he did not relish.
  • The Article 15 punishment was severe: a reduction in pay, 14 days' extra duty and restriction to base, 18 hours of alcohol rehabilitation, a promotion deferment and a year without a driver's license.
  • Under an Article 15 hearing, soldiers forgo legal representation and a trial, instead agreeing to let their commander make the call through a less formal administrative hearing.
1.1A judgment or punishment issued under Article 15: if I agree to accept the Article 15, am I admitting guilt?
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  • I have seen punishment range from receiving an Article 15 under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to letters of reprimand being placed in official files and restriction to post.
  • He was told by his commander to just take the Article 15, dishonorable discharge and six months' confinement.
  • How about telling me exactly what happened and what you did to cause your brigade commander to consider an Article 15?