Definition of asynchronous in English:

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Pronunciation: /āˈsiNGkrənəs/


1 Computing & Telecommunications Of or requiring a form of computer control timing protocol in which a specific operation begins upon receipt of an indication (signal) that the preceding operation has been completed.
Example sentences
  • To achieve this fine-grained control, detailed, real-time, asynchronous messages are sent back and forth between the application and media servers.
  • This enables a high-data throughput between the synchronous circuit and the asynchronous circuit independently of a clock frequency of the synchronous circuit.
  • The answer may be more analogous to an alternative method of coordinating operations known as asynchronous computing.
2Not going at the same rate and exactly together with something else, in particular.
Example sentences
  • The ability to track asynchronous time evolution of individual biological molecules provides unique insight into detailed reaction kinetics and pathways.
  • The asynchronous percussion-driven music works against the cacophony of diegetic sounds that include screams, muttered phrases, and bells.
  • Based on student feedback, we propose to develop the asynchronous learning environment primarily by expanding the repository to include more problem sets and exam review questions.
2.1(Of a machine or motor) not working in time with the alternations of current.
Example sentences
  • Power losses occurring during the operation of a controlled asynchronous motor are calculated and used to determine the parameters of the cooling air flow produced by a ventilator.
  • Industrial automation has placed increasing demands on asynchronous motor drives and the tasks performed by these machines are becoming ever more complex.
  • Although the construction of asynchronous motors is simple and their equivalent circuits and operations are well understood, it is still considered the most difficult topic to learn and teach.
2.2 Astronomy (Of a satellite) revolving around the parent planet at a different rate from that at which the planet rotates.
Example sentences
  • And asynchronous satellites orbit at 400 miles above the Earth, while polar satellites orbit much lower than that, and geostationary satellites orbit at 22,223 miles above the Earth or rather less than 22,000 nautical miles.
2.3 Astronomy (Of an orbit) such that a satellite in it is asynchronous.
Example sentences
  • However, there are lots of satellites that pass overhead in asynchronous orbits that are only 200 or 300 miles away.
  • The scheduled Space Shuttles use a much lower, asynchronous orbit, which means they pass overhead at different times of the day.
  • That this first asynchronous low orbit satellite scheme was made obsolete by the development and placing of extreme altitude synchronous orbit satellites does not diminish the grandeur of the achievement.
3(Of two or more objects or events) not existing or happening at the same time.
Example sentences
  • It's like having an extended asynchronous conversation and being able to save what were once stray thoughts.
  • The only time services work online is when we accept this is an asynchronous media.
  • Foreshadowing email, they made informal, asynchronous communication with your co-workers a major part of modern office life.



Example sentences
  • In a web-based course, the course content is developed as modules in HTML, and interaction takes place asynchronously through discussion boards or plain old e-mail.
  • When people exchange information they can do it synchronously, i.e., interacting at the same time, or asynchronously, i.e., interacting at different times.
  • Eggs are incubated for 25-30 days and hatch asynchronously.

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Syllabification: a·syn·chro·nous

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