Definition of axiomatic in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌaksēəˈmadik/


1Self-evident or unquestionable: it is axiomatic that dividends have to be financed
More example sentences
  • The authors seem to accept it as axiomatic that the masses who suffer under tyranny are necessarily pro-American.
  • It is axiomatic that to understand fully the current state of any area of human endeavour it is of vital importance to have a clear grasp of its past.
  • They came to accept as axiomatic that the strong and wealthy state is built on the energies of liberated individuals.
1.1 [attributive] chiefly Mathematics Relating to or containing axioms.
Example sentences
  • Since Euclid's axiomatic formulation of geometry mathematicians had been trying to prove his fifth postulate as a theorem deduced from the other four axioms.
  • We suggest that it was during R. L. Moore's tenure at Penn that he began to develop his method of teaching axiomatic systems, particularly topological spaces.
  • He also examined the consistency of certain propositions in Gödel's system of axiomatic set theory.



Pronunciation: /-ik(ə)lē/
Example sentences
  • But it is ordinary reciprocity that good psychoanalytic practice must, axiomatically, bar from the relationship of analyst and patient.
  • . It's not a bad strategy, except that a strategy that relies on inaction is axiomatically vulnerable.
  • Or are people who disagree with us to be considered axiomatically evil?


Late 18th century: from Greek axiōmatikos, from axiōma 'what is thought fitting' (see axiom).

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Syllabification: ax·i·o·mat·ic

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