Definition of baboon in English:


Syllabification: ba·boon
Pronunciation: /baˈbo͞on


  • 1A large Old World ground-dwelling monkey with a long doglike snout, large teeth, and naked callosities on the buttocks. Baboons are social animals and live in troops.
    • Genera Papio and Mandrillus, family Cercopithecidae: several species, including the drill and mandrill
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    • A free-ranging vervet monkey, baboon, or macaque recognizes other members of his group as individuals.
    • They have to contend with elephants, hippos, bushpigs, porcupines, vervet monkeys, baboons and birds which are after their crops.
    • By contrast, many Old World monkeys, such as baboons and macaques, live longer, start to reproduce later, and have more time between babies.
  • 1.1An ugly or uncouth person.
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    • This is what happened to Benjamin, my bozo of a baboon, who during his brief ascendancy became a jerk.
    • It would seem that even they must know of the knuckle-dragging, race-baiting reactionary baboons.
    • I guess we know why he acts like such a baboon when he gets loose in public.


Middle English (denoting a grotesque figure used in architecture): from Old French babuin or medieval Latin babewynus, perhaps from Old French baboue 'muzzle, grimace'.

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