Definition of bane in English:


Syllabification: bane
Pronunciation: /bān


[usually in singular]
1A cause of great distress or annoyance: the bane of the decorator is the long, narrow hall the depressions that were the the bane of her existence
More example sentences
  • His dyslexia - the bane of his life - meant that he found writing difficult, and he preferred giving papers at meetings.
  • On the other hand there are the low waist pants - the bane of my life.
  • In fact the bane of my life was a cousin and his birthday parties.
scourge, plague, curse, blight, pest, nuisance, headache, nightmare, trial, hardship, cross to bear, burden, thorn in one's flesh/side, bitter pill, affliction, trouble, misery, woe, tribulation, misfortune, pain
1.1 archaic Something, typically poison, that causes death.


Old English bana 'thing causing death, poison', of Germanic origin.



( archaic )
More example sentences
  • Unlike most mayors, he saw that social problem solving goes beyond the province of experts, planners, and managers and that most baneful of concepts, ‘delivering services.’
  • Second, declarations about the baneful influence of popular culture gloss over the dearth of evidence supporting a causal link between watching portrayals of violence and engaging in violent behavior.
  • In many places in Britain, it was customary to light huge bonfires in the fields to ward off baneful influences, often accompanied by much partying.

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