Definition of because in English:

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Pronunciation: /bēˈkəz/


1For the reason that; since: we did it because we felt it our duty just because I’m inexperienced doesn’t mean that I lack perception
More example sentences
  • The reason for this is because they had been trying for a baby for the last few years.
  • The reason the party is in this mess is because it has not been honest with the voters.
  • So far the council has sold us down the river each time because it is strapped for cash.
since, as, in view of the fact that, inasmuch as, owing to the fact that, seeing that/as
informal on account of, cuz
literary for
1.1 informal Used to introduce a word or phrase that stands for a clause expressing an explanation or reason: there’s probably somebody out there who would argue the point because Internet making a bag of popcorn with hot sauce for lunch because hungry
More example sentences
  • Mom is actually about to get a new job and a lot more money, and I am excited because shopping trips!
  • Had to leave the office because laughing too loudly.
  • I basically have to get a new computer now because aarrgh.


1 When because follows a negative construction, the meaning can be ambiguous. In the sentence he did not go because he was ill, for example, it is not clear whether it means either ‘the reason he did not go was that he was ill’ or ‘being ill was not the reason for his going—there was another reason.’ Some usage guides recommend using a comma when the first interpretation is intended ( he did not go, because he was ill) and no comma where the second interpretation is intended, but in general it is probably safest to try to avoid such constructions altogether. 2 As with other conjunctions such as but and and, it is still widely believed and taught that it is incorrect to begin a sentence with because. It has, however, long been used in this way in both written and spoken English (typically for rhetorical effect), and it is quite correct—however, the sentence-opening because should be used sparingly. See also and (usage). 3 On the construction the reason ... is because, see reason (usage). 4 On the use of since in the sense of because, see since (usage).


because of

On account of; by reason of: they moved here because of the baby
More example sentences
  • Some would even say the only reason they go to watch Tranmere is because of Iain alone.
  • We hate to think that the reason we are the way we are is because of our genes, for example.
  • You have mentioned it a number of times that the reason the load is low is because of the cap.
on account of, as a result of, as a consequence of, owing to, due to;
thanks to, by/in virtue of
formal by reason of


Middle English: from the phrase by cause, influenced by Old French par cause de 'by reason of'.

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Syllabification: be·cause

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