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Syllabification: be·come
Pronunciation: /biˈkəm

verb (becomes, becoming; past became; past participle become)

  • 1 [no object, with complement] Begin to be: they became angry it is becoming clear that we are in a totally new situation
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    • After several listens, however, a rare aesthetic begins to become clear.
    • The edges of the job are beginning to become clear, and it's all terribly exciting.
    • As the picture begins, it soon becomes clear that Lee is offering more than a mere recounting of generic forms.
  • 1.1Grow to be; turn into: the child will become an adult
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    • How do you expect me to grow and develop and become cultured if you insult me all the time?
    • Both grew up to become intellectual, ambitious adults; a trait they passed to their children.
    • Without treatment the condition could result in infants becoming mentally retarded or developing other neurological problems.
    grow, get, turn, come to be, get to be
    literary wax
  • 1.2(Of a person) qualify or be accepted as; acquire the status of: she wanted to become a doctor
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    • Once students have completed the course, they will become fully qualified paramedics.
    • They're becoming increasingly reasonable members of the world financial community.
    • I have canoed, fished, sailed and more recently I have become qualified in powerboats.
    turn into, change into, be transformed into, be converted into
  • 1.3 (become of) (In questions) happen to: what would become of her now?
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    • In the meantime, there remained the question of what would become of the island itself.
    • This question demands another preliminary question: what becomes of spirituality in a scientific age?
    • The question of what becomes of players who are at the top of the tree as juniors is one we've investigated this week.
    happen to, be the fate of, be the lot of, overtake
    literary befall, betide


Old English becuman 'come to a place, come (to be or do something)' (see be-, come), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bekomen and German bekommen 'get, receive'.

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