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Syllabification: be·lief
Pronunciation: /biˈlēf


  • 1An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists: his belief in the value of hard work a belief that solitude nourishes creativity
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    • It has a reverence for nature, a belief that life energy exists in all things, both animate and inanimate.
    • I suppose it is a belief that even if all is lost in this life, not everything is lost.
    • The project is underpinned by a belief that all families need support at some time or another.
  • 1.1Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction: contrary to popular belief, Aramaic is a living language we’re prepared to fight for our beliefs
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    • I do not suffer fools gladly and I have been known to be opinionated and defend my beliefs strongly.
    • Human beings are worthy of the highest respect, but not all opinions and beliefs are worthy of respect and tolerance.
    • Language can be used to distort our beliefs and opinion of an individual.
    opinion, view, conviction, judgment, thinking, way of thinking, idea, impression, theory, conclusion, notion
  • 1.2A religious conviction: Christian beliefs I’m afraid to say belief has gone local beliefs and customs
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    • As it's quite a religious belief, many people don't believe there is an Afterlife.
    • It invoked religious beliefs not only to understand different histories but also to change it.
    • I wanted to learn more about the traditional core beliefs of Japanese religious life.
  • 2 (belief in) Trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something: a belief in democratic politics I’ve still got belief in myself
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    • In times of stress or pain many of us derive comfort from a strong and deep-rooted belief in our faith.
    • What the team is short of most of all is self confidence and belief in their own ability.
    • My strength is my confidence and belief in my ability, and the manner in which I back myself.


be of the belief that

Hold the opinion that; think: I am firmly of the belief that we need to improve our product
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  • In the meantime, we're just firmly of the belief that if someone commits a crime in this country, they should be punished by our laws.
  • Having suffered a few nasty experiences on hockey fields, such as being obliged to play at all, she was firmly of the belief that sport ought to be actively discouraged.
  • I am firmly of the belief that this is the BEST ISSUE EVER and it's only the third one.

beyond belief

Astonishingly good or bad; incredible: riches beyond belief the driving we have witnessed was beyond belief
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  • His sudden death has shocked us beyond belief.
  • One I fell in love with, the other excites me beyond belief, makes me think about my life, and even talk about it.
  • It is almost beyond belief, but it appears that exactly the same thing is happening again.

in the belief that

Thinking or believing that: he took the property in the belief that he had consent
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  • Total strangers were hugging and kissing each other, united in the belief that 2004 was their year for glory.
  • The authorities are fully prepared to play the waiting came in the belief that sooner or later they will get their man.
  • This norm is rooted in the belief that there are no privileged sources of scientific knowledge.

to the best of my belief

In my genuine opinion; as far as I know: to the best of my belief, Francis never made a will
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  • In the present instance I am forced to admit that the facts are, to the best of my belief, unique.
  • In the present instance I am forced to admit that the facts are, to the best of my belief, unique.
  • And this I say of my own experience, and also from report of those who, to the best of my belief, speak truly.


Middle English: alteration of Old English gelēafa; compare with believe.

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