Definition of belittle in English:


Syllabification: be·lit·tle
Pronunciation: /bəˈlidl


[with object]
Make (someone or something) seem unimportant: this is not to belittle his role she felt belittled
More example sentences
  • If you belittle their opinions or dismiss their problems, they'll stop talking to you.
  • He does not dismiss or belittle the gifts and talents that his Creator endowed to him.
  • She constantly criticizes and belittles the husband in screaming tones.
disparage, denigrate, run down, deprecate, depreciate, downgrade, play down, trivialize, minimize, make light of, pooh-pooh, treat lightly, scoff at, sneer at
formal derogate
rare misprize


late 18th century: a coinage of Thomas Jefferson originally meaning 'diminish in size, make small'; the current sense dates from the very end of the 18th century.



More example sentences
  • Her voice was monotone, clearly not enjoying his belittlement.
  • Then, the psychological games and emotional belittlement began.
  • It has been a long history of belittlement and exploitation.


More example sentences
  • This caught me off guard as this language is usually associated with the belittlers and begrudgers who are endemic in society.
  • The work was wonderful, but my boss was a bully and a belittler.
  • We want to act as a helper and an empowerer, not a belittler or an enforcer

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