Definition of bias in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈbīəs/


1Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair: there was evidence of bias against foreign applicants the bias toward younger people in recruitment [in singular]: a systematic bias in favor of the powerful
More example sentences
  • Has there been prejudice and bias against the applicant by both the judge at first instance and by the majority of the Full Court?
  • Publication bias in favour of aspirin also exists.
  • In an article for today's paper, the government's transport adviser firmly rejects claims of an unfair bias in favour of London and the south-east.
1.1 [in singular] A concentration on or interest in one particular area or subject: he worked on a variety of Greek topics, with a discernible bias toward philosophy
More example sentences
  • He is interested in the human bias towards particular scientific ideas, not on the scale of a particular concrete example as in our pictures above, but within an entire area of science.
  • The downturn in the technology sector has been unkind to those with a strong bias towards this area.
  • There is a discernible bias to topics popular with the current generation of French and Russian mathematicians, who form the bulk of the authors.
1.2 Statistics A systematic distortion of a statistical result due to a factor not allowed for in its derivation.
Example sentences
  • Furthermore, the statistical bias varies with the filling factor.
  • Consideration of potential confounders, measures to prevent bias, and appropriate statistical analysis were mostly lacking.
  • We prefer a random partition that produces a point estimate with less bias than would result from a deterministic partition.
2In some sports, such as lawn bowling, the irregular shape given to a ball.
Example sentences
  • This model bowl has the Traditional bias which has stood the test of time wherever Lawn Bowls is played.
  • The bowls are not quite round. They are shaved on one side which gives them the bias.
  • Very easy to hold and with a predictable line it is a match for any modern bias bowl.
2.1The oblique course taken by a ball as a result of its irregular shape.
Example sentences
  • Bowling indoors is a completely different experience from outdoors and requires different characteristics in the bowls used, the artificial surface being very much faster and more prone to bias.
  • Heavy weight and Medium weight bowls run with the same bias.
  • Increased amounts of bias will reduce the maximum attainable speed. The top speed with maximum bias is approximately 55 mph!
3 Electronics A steady voltage, magnetic field, or other factor applied to an electronic system or device to cause it to operate over a predetermined range.
Example sentences
  • Semiconductor amplifying circuit having improved bias circuit for supplying a bias voltage to an amplifying FET
  • At higher T, it takes less time for thermal fluctuations to induce rupture under an applied bias force.
  • The experimental data suggest the opposite: increasing the applied voltage bias usually increases the duration of the current blockades.

verb (biases, biasing, biased)

[with object]
1 (usually be biased) Cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something: readers said the paper was biased toward the conservatives the tests were biased against women and minorities
More example sentences
  • Some of them might even be open to argument along these lines, but the overwhelming vast majority of them will be biased against your views.
  • Examined from the learner's point of view, the standard approach is heavily biased against beginning students.
  • Questions are already being asked about whether the lead researcher was inherently biased against the drug.
prejudice, influence, color, sway, weight, predispose;
distort, skew, slant
bigoted, intolerant, discriminatory;
distorted, warped, twisted, skewed
2Give a bias to: bias the ball
More example sentences
  • Hence, the unbiased variance estimator may be negatively biased due to spatial autocorrelation.
  • When a MOS channel is formed by forward biasing the gate, a Zener tunnel current evolves with a steep turn-on characteristic.
  • The opening is urged to a closed position by resiliently biasing the filamentary members.


cut on the bias

(Of a fabric or garment) cut obliquely or diagonally across the grain.
Example sentences
  • Garment pieces cut on the bias should be pressed with the lengthwise grainline, to avoid stretching.
  • Then I trimmed that seam down to 1/4 ‘all around and finished it with a Hong Kong finish, using a sheer fabric cut on the bias.’
  • The undercollar is traditionally cut on the bias in two pieces with a center back seam.
diagonal, cross, slant, angle


Mid 16th century (in the sense 'oblique line'; also as an adjective meaning 'oblique'): from French biais, from Provençal, perhaps based on Greek epikarsios 'oblique'.

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Syllabification: bi·as

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