Definition of biogeography in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌbīōjēˈäɡrəfē/


The branch of biology that deals with the geographical distribution of plants and animals.
Example sentences
  • Alexander von Humboldt of course made lasting contributions to the fields of physical geography and biogeography, adding to our knowledge of plants, animals, and the earth.
  • Historical biogeography deals with phylogenetic patterns among species and higher lineages attributable to relatively ancient events in earth history.
  • So long as its shortcomings are recognized, this book has a wealth of information on the distribution and ecological biogeography of birds.



Pronunciation: /-fər/
Example sentences
  • The objective is to bring ecologists, paleontologists, geneticists, biogeographers, and others together to think ambitiously and work on evolutionary problems on a broad scale.
  • Most cladistic biogeographers have not been so explicit but have nevertheless implicitly assumed that correspondence to a general pattern implies that individual lineages existed at the same time.
  • A phenomenon which fascinated Wallace, and has occupied generations of biogeographers ever since, is the sudden change in flora and fauna that occurs in the twenty-mile wide channel between the small islands of Bali and Lombok.


Pronunciation: /-ˌjēəˈɡrafik/
Example sentences
  • There are a variety of phylogenetic biogeographic methods.
  • But because they do not advocate this practice, they review island biogeography and biogeographic principles of reserve design in separate, widely spaced chapters.
  • Second, the results of standard cladistic biogeographic analyses, which may combine groups of different ages, cannot be unambiguously attributed to any particular cause.


Pronunciation: /-ˌjēəˈɡrafikəl/
Example sentences
  • Finally, we propose a biogeographical hypothesis of speciation events within the N. mediocris species complex.
  • However, robust inferences can be made from a combination of molecular genetic, biogeographical and palaeontological studies.
  • The biogeographical affinities of the fauna are thus not clear.


Example sentences
  • This paper is the first in a series of studies re-describing echinoderm taxa from these biogeographically important Paleozoic assemblages.
  • These taxa are biostratigraphically and biogeographically significant and are discussed more fully below.
  • Furthermore, trilobite faunas in the Early Cambrian were already differentiated biogeographically.
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