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Syllabification: bi·valve
Pronunciation: /ˈbīˌvalv


  • An aquatic mollusk that has a compressed body enclosed within a hinged shell, such as oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops. Also called pelecypod or lamellibranch.
    • Class Bivalvia (formerly Pelecypoda or Lamellibranchia)
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    • Shell fragments of bivalves and gastropods are common in Neogene shallow-water deposits.
    • Some sponges bore into the shells of bivalves, gastropods, and the colonial skeletons of corals by slowly etching away chips of calcareous material.
    • Based on gastropods, bivalves, and planktonic foraminifera, Kilmer assigned this formation to the Turonian.


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  • 1(Of a mollusk or other aquatic invertebrate) with a hinged shell.
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    • This makes brachiopods look superficially like bivalved molluscs (clams, oysters, etc.)
    • In bivalve molluscs, growth rate of the shell tends to decelerate with growth and the shell generally becomes more inflated in the late growth stage.
    • The hinge ligament of bivalve shell is an example of a complex development.
  • 1.1 Botany Having two valves.
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    • There is a large class of plants which have their seeds enclosed in a sort of bivalve pericarp, usually called a "pod."
    • The bean seed grows in a bivalve pod called a legume.
    • The soybean plant is called a legume because it produces a bivalve pod or fruit.

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