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Syllabification: blend
Pronunciation: /blend


[with object]
  • 1Mix (a substance) with another substance so that they combine together as a mass: blend the cornstarch with a tablespoon of water [no object]: add the grated cheese and blend well
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    • Normally, when wool and cotton are blended together, two separate dye baths are required because the wool takes up most of the dye.
    • The ice cream was blended with honey, saffron and pistachio - refreshing and milky.
    • The advantage of the system is that the feed ingredients are blended together, providing the cow with a nutritionally balanced diet in every bite.
    mix, mingle, combine, merge, fuse, meld, coalesce, integrate, intermix; stir, whisk, fold in
    technical admix
    literary commingle
  • 1.1 (often as adjective blended) Mix (different types of the same substance, such as tea, coffee, liquor, etc.) together so as to make a product of the desired quality: a blended whiskey
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    • He would then create a dram by blending several different whiskies together to achieve the drinker's own bespoke spirit.
    • Jersey Parade also boasted specialist shops, such as Cross, where you could order coffee blended to your own taste, plus an ironmonger and a garden supplies store.
    • These 3 aromas identify the three types of whiskies that when blended together result in the fifth glass.
  • 1.2Put or combine (abstract things) together: blend basic information for the novice with some scientific gardening for the more experienced (as noun blending) a blending of romanticism with a more detached modernism
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    • Calgary-based Old Trout Puppet Workshop have evolved a unique, abstract puppet theatre by blending physical theatre with mask work to create a startling mode of presentation.
    • The collages blended abstract shapes with strange visual effects and, here and there, the odd familiar outline.
    • Intelligence gleaned from Gitmo is blended with information from other sources to connect dots.
  • 1.3Merge (a color) with another so that one is not clearly distinguishable from the other.
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    • Even novel things such as shading the patterns and blending the colours can be done to some extent by mixing one or more of the powders together.
    • To make the line appear less stepped, we blend the colour of the edge of the line with the colours around it.
    • She never even blended her colours in the same water jar.
  • 1.4 [no object] Form a harmonious combination: costumes, music, and lighting all blend together beautifully
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    • Choose a translucent powder to blend with your skin tone and apply with a puff or brush.
    • New Zealand flax with pink-toned leaves, for example, blends well with pink flowers.
    • The new museum graphics had to complement the existing and blend with the Spanish Colonial architecture.
    harmonize, go (well), fit (in), be in tune, be compatible; coordinate, match, complement
  • 1.5 (blend in/into) Be unobtrusive or harmonious by being similar in appearance or behavior: she would have to employ a permanent bodyguard in the house, someone who would blend in
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    • He's the man who goes through his whole life blending into the wallpaper, seemingly content to work hard day-in and day-out and leave the spotlight to others.
    • For one thing, the glorification of profit above all other values is itself an ideology - though by now it's so widespread that it blends into the media scenery, appearing to be part of the natural world.
    • The beautiful Red Lipped Batfish is a bottom dweller that blends into the readily available natural debris.


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  • 1A mixture of different things or qualities: knitting yarns in mohair blends Ontario offers a cultural blend you’ll find nowhere else on earth
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    • It's looking very handsome out back, all sweeping lawns backed by a soft mixed hedge perhaps ten feet high, composed of a good blend of native trees and bushes.
    • This trio of New Zealanders will play a blend of original compositions and jazz favourites.
    • Medi-Coat is a blend of several different polymers.
  • 1.1A mixture of different types or grades of a substance, such as tea, coffee, whiskey, etc..
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    • About 80 per cent if Champagne is non-vintage - blends of wines from different years and wineries, and quite a lot is not only over-priced but is thin and lacks fruit.
    • Though most chocolatiers use a blend of different beans, some prefer to stick to a favorite brand.
    • It is also difficult to sell gasoline into the U.S. market because the U.S. has something like four dozen different formulas, mixtures or blends for gasoline, and it confuses the seller.
  • 1.2A word made up of the parts of others and combining their meanings, for example motel from motor and hotel.
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    • An early example is the word motorcade, formed as a blend of motor and cavalcade, which created a new suffix - cade that has been used in words like aerocade, aquacade and even camelcade and tractorcade.
    • But Scalito is a different kind of onomastic blend: an epithet combining elements of two names to suggest a resemblance of one named person to the other.
    • The word arthritis is a blend of the Greek words arthron for joint and itis for inflammation; therefore, arthritis means joint inflammation.


Middle English: probably of Scandinavian origin and related to Old Norse blanda 'to mix'.

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