Definition of bless in English:

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Pronunciation: /bles/


[with object]
1Pronounce words in a religious rite, to confer or invoke divine favor upon; ask God to look favorably on: he blessed the dying man and anointed him
More example sentences
  • Against this barren background, James blesses those who endure temptation with the following famous words.
  • She led them into battle where they achieved martyrdom and were blessed by Guru Gobind Singh.
  • He touched lepers, forgave sinners, blessed the poor and consorted with tax collectors.
endow with, bestow with, furnish with, accord, give, favor with, grace with;
confer on
literary endue with
1.1(Especially in Christian Church services) call (God) holy; praise (God).
Example sentences
  • My boyfriend totally accepts God's importance to me and would never prevent me from praying or going to church or doing anything else which blesses God.
  • Even they can bless God for the natural delights of this life.
  • With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude likeness of God.
praise, worship, glorify, honor, exalt, pay homage to, venerate, reverence, hallow
archaic magnify
1.2 (bless someone with) (Of God or some notional higher power) endow (someone) with a particular cherished thing or attribute: God has blessed us with free will
More example sentences
  • The Lord blessed Tommy with many special attributes, among them a unique stubbornness, a special form of loving, confident arrogance, a quaint sense of humor and an unconditional love for all.
  • The Screening God is one of the most important Gods as he is blessed with the power to see who is worthy of becoming a god, an angel, or thrown back down to earth.
  • I didn't know then that you were blessed with such power.
ask/invoke God's favor for, give a benediction for;
consecrate, sanctify, dedicate (to God), make holy, make sacred
formal hallow
1.3Express or feel gratitude to; thank: she silently blessed the premonition which had made her pack her best dress
More example sentences
  • We'll always thank and bless him for Doolittle and Surfer Rosa, but the new is pretty good.
  • Cook writes that among her files were found dozens of letters from the wives and families of the wounded or dead men, thanking and blessing her and addressing her as Darling Mother.
  • I laughed and finally managed to pull my gaze away, silently blessing him for breaking the tension.
give thanks for, be grateful for, thank;
1.4 (bless oneself) Make the Christian gesture of the sign of the cross: the poor parson, blessing himself, brought up the rear
More example sentences
  • After a moment she lifts her right hand to her forehead and blesses herself, hard.
  • Everytime she left the house she blessed herself with holy water, even if only going to the well.
  • To begin with, when you first come into church, bless yourself with holy water.
1.5Used in expressions of surprise, endearment, gratitude, etc. bless my soul, Alan, what are you doing? Lenore, bless her heart, had done just that
More example sentences
  • Of course, there are always a few kids who have never heard of Crossfire, bless their innocent little souls.
  • After the customer paid, Zak said to him, ‘Thanks, and God bless you!’
  • ‘God bless you!’ she said, and she waved her flag as they pulled forward through the intersection.


bless you!

Said to a person who has just sneezed.
From the phrase (may) God bless you
Example sentences
  • I was just wondering why people say ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes.
  • When someone tells me ‘God Bless you’ when I sneeze, I feel a little more cared for.


Old English blēdsian, blētsian, based on blōd 'blood' (i.e., originally perhaps 'mark or consecrate with blood'). The meaning was influenced by its being used to translate Latin benedicere 'to praise, worship', and later by association with bliss.

  • Old English blēdsian, blētsian are perhaps based on blōd ‘blood’, the likely original semantic core being ‘mark or consecrate with blood’. The history is difficult to trace because there is no equivalent in other Germanic languages. The meaning was influenced by the word's use to translate Latin benedīcere ‘to praise’, ‘to worship’, and Greek eulogein meaning essentially ‘speak well of’; these in turn translated Hebrew brk ‘to bend’, in this case ‘bend the knee (in praise)’. There is therefore a series of rich associations, pagan, Jewish, and Christian, mixed together in the English words bless and blessing; there is also a later association with bliss.

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