There are 2 definitions of BLOB in English:


Syllabification: BLOB
Pronunciation: /bläb


  • Computing Binary large objects.

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a small amount; a little

There are 2 definitions of BLOB in English:


Syllabification: blob
Pronunciation: /bläb


  • 1A drop of a thick liquid or other viscous substance: blobs of paint
    More example sentences
    • You can drop a blob of whipped cream to enhance the taste and add a small dash of the cognac to it.
    • If anything ever looked more like a bug splat on a car windshield or a blob of ice cream dropped on a sidewalk - it just has to be the asterisk.
    • Suppose a glowing blob of some unknown substance were parked right in front of you.
    drop, droplet, globule, bead, bubble
    informal glob
  • 1.1A spot of color: a badly printed blob on shopping bags
    More example sentences
    • The home page is a white page with a five line contents list up on the left and a brown blob in the middle.
    • ‘I was thinking we'd stop at this town,’ he pointed to a blob on the map with his free hand, suddenly needing to change the topic.
    • It shows the 400 outbreaks of foot-and-mouth marked with red blobs.
    spot, dab, blotch, blot, dot, smudge
    informal splotch
  • 1.2An indeterminate mass or shape: a leathery blob commonly known as a sea squirt
    More example sentences
    • Sometimes, that's the only way to get an amorphous blob into shape.
    • It was this big pink blob, and I had to let it go somewhere.
    • Otherwise I would look like a big blob in the middle of the screen.

verb (blobs, blobbing, blobbed)

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  • Put small drops of thick liquid or spots of color on: her nose was blobbed with paint
    More example sentences
    • They begin with a canvas blobbed with dollops of non-toxic paint in strategic places, and their creativity is expressed through finger painting.
    • We blobbed some blue and white paint on top of the glue then we swirled it with a glue spreader
    • I blobbed some hot-melt glue on the backs of the boards and pressed them into place.



More example sentences
  • Inside the ball was something, something blobby, something with legs, something possibly (but not definitely) dead.
  • Place a plastic sieve over the bowl and push the eggs and bramble purée through the sieve, so that any blobby bits of the white and all the bramble pips remain in the sieve.
  • Because Chennai's skyline is low, the sky was very big - blobby clouds lit by a full moon.


late Middle English (denoting a bubble): perhaps symbolic of a drop of liquid; compare with blotch, blubber1, and plop.

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