Definition of Boer in English:

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Pronunciation: /bôr/
Pronunciation: /bo͝or/
chiefly historical


A member of the Dutch and Huguenot population that settled in southern Africa in the late 17th century.

The Boers were Calvinist in religion and fiercely self-sufficient. Conflict with the British administration of Cape Colony after 1806 led to the Great Trek of 1835–37 and the Boer Wars, after which the Boer republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State became part of the Republic of South Africa. The Boers' present-day descendants are the Afrikaners.

Example sentences
  • During the 16th and 17th centuries, Dutch, Boers, Germans, and Huguenots migrated to South Africa, and these people brought with them their own European hunting dogs.
  • The war arose from rivalry between Britain's claim to be the paramount power in southern Africa and the desire of the Boers (descendants of Dutch settlers) for autonomy.
  • The truth is that in two hundred years the stiffest opposition the British faced in Africa were the Boers and the Afrika Korps.


Relating to the Boers.
Example sentences
  • This meant the destruction of Boer farms, the confiscation of horses, cattle and wagons and the rounding up of the inhabitants, usually women and children.
  • Du Plessis admitted that a video about the prophesies of Boer prophet Siener van Rensburg had not incited anyone to violence and in fact took the form of a warning to people to turn to God.
  • Under his command the concentration camp was invented to contain Boer women, children and elderly men removed from their farms.


From Dutch boer 'farmer'. Compare with boor.

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