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Syllabification: bond
Pronunciation: /bänd


  • 1 (bonds) Physical restraints used to hold someone or something prisoner, especially ropes or chains.
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    • Steel Fists cut the bonds holding the three prisoners.
    • Ropes tightened against bonds with the swell of the sea.
    • Her bonds were ropes on the hands, but her feet were chained together.
  • 1.1A thing used to tie something or to fasten things together: she brushed back a curl that had strayed from its bonds figurative chaos could result if the bonds of obedience and loyalty were broken
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    • The country was always an unstable equilibrium, artificially held together by the iron bonds of an authoritarian and brutal regime.
    • His father pushed his sleeve up and tied on a rubber bond.
    • I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons.
  • 1.2Adhesiveness; ability of two objects to stick to each other: a total lack of effective bond between the concrete and the steel
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    • After 69 years of building and leasing steel forms, we at EFCO know that concrete bonds or sticks to all forming surfaces to some degree.
    • The antistatic agent apparently weakens the bond between the stuck-on food and the pot or pan's surface.
    • This packing gives the plaster a strong surface to key into and eliminates the problem of plaster from falling off of our wall for lack of mechanical bond.
  • 1.3A force or feeling that unites people; a common emotion or interest: there was a bond of understanding between them
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    • People who trust one another share a bond of faith and understanding.
    • But community demands more than simply emotionally satisfying bonds between individuals.
    • Yes, you can generate sales - but equally, you can generate goodwill or an emotional bond.
    relationship, tie, link, friendship, fellowship, partnership, association, affiliation, alliance, attachment
    informal bromance
  • 2An agreement with legal force, in particular.
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    • Marriage as a legal bond may become outdated, but I doubt it.
    • Their bond is purely legal, familial, and time bound.
    • It is logical because it is a legal bond, supposedly proof to the world that two people are in love, like a big advert.
    promise, pledge, vow, oath, word (of honor), guarantee, assurance; agreement, contract, pact, bargain, deal
  • 2.1 Law A deed by which a person is committed to make payment to another.
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    • The contract is to be found in the terms of the Trust Deed and of the bonds.
    • There are no options under a payment bond except to pay on default by the principal.
    • The numbers do not reflect the fact that the company is claiming some $244,000 in principal payment on bonds posted on this project.
  • 2.2A certificate issued by a government or a public company promising to repay borrowed money at a fixed rate of interest at a specified time.
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    • Alternatively, the government may seek to borrow the money, by issuing Treasury bills and bonds to the public.
    • Debt repayments have been funded in part by new issues of government bonds but the money markets are concerned that this cannot continue indefinitely.
    • Interest rates on government bonds of EMU member states have converged.
  • 2.3An insurance policy held by a company, which protects against losses resulting from circumstances such as bankruptcy or misconduct by employees.
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    • Each union must buy an insurance bond to protect members against fraud on the part of its staff, and must also meet stringent solvency regulations.
    • He says the insurance bond provides deserved protection for employees who put a lot into the company.
    • We have received quite a few e-mails over recent weeks about pensions, investments and insurance bonds.
  • 2.4US A sum of money paid as bail.
  • 3 (also chemical bond) A strong force of attraction holding atoms together in a molecule or crystal, resulting from the sharing or transfer of electrons.
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    • The electrons that are shared by the atoms to form the bond belong to one of these molecular orbitals.
    • A covalent bond is a bond formed when two atoms share a pair of electrons.
    • Opposing this tendency is the covalent bond holding the HCl molecule together.
  • 4 [with modifier] Building Any of the various patterns in which bricks are conventionally laid in order to ensure the strength of the resulting structure. See English bond, Flemish bond.
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    • Bricks shall be laid in running or stretcher bond with control joints as noted on drawings.
    • Like conventional bricks, adobes are laid in a running bond - an overlapping pattern - then mortared in place with adobe mud.
    • The job requires a master mason to set the first course, grout bond beams, and install and tension the post-tension tendons.


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  • 1Join or be joined securely to something else, typically by means of an adhesive substance, heat, or pressure: [with object]: press the material to bond the layers together [no object]: this material will bond well to stainless steel rods (as adjective bonding) a bonding agent
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    • A technique first used in the aerospace industry, weld bonding uses a structural adhesive film to reduce the number of spot welds.
    • We bonded them with an adhesive that cannot ever be destroyed.
    • Tests produced adhesives that bonded to cloth, glass, leather, metal, paper, plastic, and other materials.
  • 1.1 [no object] Establish a relationship with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences: the failure to properly bond with their children the team has bonded together well (as noun bonding) the film has some great male bonding scenes
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    • A club or sports team you're into is also a great place to bond with people who share your interests.
    • Here we see Harry - who once ran and hid from the relationship - actively create more opportunities to bond with Mary.
    • The purpose of these rituals is to enable young people to bond with others with whom they have undergone painful experiences.
  • 2Join or be joined by a chemical bond.
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    • The walls are made of sugar molecules bonded by amino acids, Tenover explains, and vancomycin attacks the amino acid links.
    • Quantum dots can bond chemically to biological molecules, enabling them to trace specific proteins within cells.
    • Complex ions are ions that have a molecular structure consisting of a central atom bonded to other atoms by coordinate covalent bonds.
  • 3 [with object] (usually as adjective bonding) Lay (bricks) in an overlapping pattern so as to form a strong structure: a bonding course
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    • The projecting bastions are drum-shaped, built of stone laced with horizontal bonding courses of red tile.
    • The user can change brick colors, bonding patterns, coursing, and mortar colors instantly.
    • An ingenious pattern of brickwork bonding was adopted to ensure satisfactory composite action.
  • 4 (usually as noun bonding) Place (dutiable goods) in bond.
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    • Joint guarantee provided by several bonding companies are allowed.
    • I speak specifically of lenders, bonding companies, etc.
    • Both States had huge, irresponsible tax cuts which they paid for in part by bonding and borrowing.


Middle English: variant of band1.

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