Definition of bonded in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈbändəd/


1(Of a thing) joined securely to another thing, especially by an adhesive, a heat process, or pressure: bonded metal plates
More example sentences
  • The deck and hull of all Fountain boats are securely bonded together with adhesives, mechanical fasteners as well as fiberglass and resin.
  • Roll-bonded panels are made from two sheets of aluminum that are bonded together by heat and pressure.
  • MDF, or medium density fiberboard, is a manufactured wood product consisting of sawdust bonded together at high heat and pressure by resins.
1.1Emotionally or psychologically linked: a strongly bonded group of females
More example sentences
  • I feel we have bonded nicely and understand each other a little more.
  • She said many of the victims' families had bonded over the years to support each other in their grief.
  • And I know that we never truly bonded or talked about our feelings for each other.
1.2Held by a chemical bond: bonded atoms
More example sentences
  • Such substances consist of a nitrate ion chemically bonded to a hydrocarbon molecule that's lost one of its hydrogen atoms.
  • Ionic compounds, however, are composed of ions, not covalently bonded atoms.
  • Many elements ordinarily occur as diatomic molecules, or molecules consisting of two atoms chemically bonded.
2(Of a person or company) bound by a legal agreement, in particular.
Example sentences
  • A friend of Adam's had co-signed a form to say I was bonded to him so there was no way for me to get out of the place, although I did run away once.
  • Under a surety bond, if the bonded party doesn't fulfill their side of a deal, the company issuing the bond steps in to compensate the customer.
2.1(Of a debt) secured by bonds.
Example sentences
  • Some experience has already been gained with cooperative debt exchange and re-profiling of bonded debt in the case of some member countries.
  • He said he was fully bonded by his insurers and the bank.
  • Lenders will insist on a fixed price contract from a reputable builder that is fully bonded in most cases, and will usually only issue funds in stages as per the architect's certificate of value.
2.2(Of a worker or workforce) obliged to work for a particular employer, often in a condition close to slavery.
Example sentences
  • Tucker and Ganeson estimate the number of bonded child laborers in India at 15 million.
  • The Bonded Liberation Front estimates that there are 25m bonded children in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
  • Laborers are bonded to the owners through a system of advanced payments whose interest rates are so high that workers can never repay them fully.
3(Of dutiable goods) placed in bond.
Example sentences
  • Arena would receive lists of bonded goods on offer from other traders so he would know what goods were available in the market.
  • Another sign of Jakarta's gloomy investment atmosphere is the number of investors who have canceled plans to open operations in the bonded zone in Marunda.
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