Definition of bottlenose dolphin in English:

bottlenose dolphin

Syllabification: bot·tle·nose dol·phin
Pronunciation: /ˌbätlˌnōz ˈdälfin
(also bottle-nosed dolphin)


A stout-bodied dolphin with a distinct short beak, found in tropical and temperate coastal waters.
  • Tursiops truncatus, family Delphinidae
More example sentences
  • They have a pronounced bulbous melon that slopes smoothly into a long tube-like beak similar to that of a bottlenose dolphin.
  • Not long ago in Shark Bay, off the coast of western Australia, a female bottlenose dolphin broke a chunk of sponge off the seafloor and wore it as a mask over her snout while she probed the sediment for fish.
  • Nobody knows how long a sperm whale can hold its breath - or a bottlenose dolphin either, for that matter.

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