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Pronunciation: /brand/


1A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name: a new brand of detergent
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  • Since another company had by this time registered the name Rajah for their product, the brand was named Kajah.
  • In consumers' minds, a long-held advantage national brand name products have over store brands is disappearing - fast.
  • There are brands, products and categories and each has a slightly different meaning.
1.1A brand name: the company will market computer software under its own brand
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  • Naming a brand or a product should not be a chore that produces something dull and average.
  • It means delivering to the customer what the brand said the product would deliver.
  • Having a franchise licence of a specific brand gives more benefit to the entrepreneur.
1.2A particular identity or image regarded as an asset: you can still invent your own career, be your own brand the Michael Jordan brand certainly hasn’t hurt them
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  • He consults other, anonymous branding experts to decide what his personal brand should be.
  • Lehane, like many other Democrats, doubts that will happen, saying that picking Clinton would "on some level undermine the Obama brand."
1.3A particular type or kind of something: his incisive brand of intelligence
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  • I've always liked and respected him - his brand of staunch social democratic politics have never really been fashionable.
  • Yet it does come into conflict with our democratic brand of freedom - the capitalist kind.
  • Diluting what little there is left of the Democratic brand seems a poor marketing idea.
type, kind, sort, variety, class, category, genre, style, ilk, stripe
2An identifying mark burned on livestock or (especially formerly) criminals or slaves with a branding iron.
Example sentences
  • Each animal is owned by a Commoner and must be marked with an individual brand before being left to wander the open forest.
  • Mr Day says the ownership of a beast can be determined despite the lack of a brand or an ear mark.
  • Of course the original purpose of brands was simply to identify the cattle into whose hides we seared them.
identification, marker, earmark
2.1 archaic A branding iron.
Example sentences
  • Later, when the vast trail herds of cattle were driven north to market, hot iron brands were used.
  • Brands are one of the most interesting tools used by livestock people.
  • Our dear Sarah journeyed through the land, having a fiery hot brand in her hand.
2.2A habit, trait, or quality that causes someone public shame or disgrace: the brand of Paula’s alcoholism
More example sentences
  • No matter what modifier follows, or what it actually means in radio format speak, Adult Contemporary is a brand of shame to many music fans.
  • Jane Thistle cried, a vein standing out on her flushed forehead like a brand of disgrace.
  • She had never been quite sure what set her apart and made her an easy target, but like Nathaniel Hawthorne's Hester she had a brand that marked her as different.
3A piece of burning or smoldering wood: he took two burning brands from the fire
More example sentences
  • We do not speculate about the destiny of sinners; we pluck them as brands from the burning.
  • She was waving her hand as if she still had the burning brand.
  • The tag ‘a brand plucked from the burning’ clung to him ever afterwards and may well have been a powerful force in motivating him.
3.1 literary A torch.
Example sentences
  • This need drove all other thoughts from my mind, and I resolved to go to the cooking pit and relight a torch, or at least bring a burning brand of some kind to give me light.
  • Back across the pleasant valley he hurried, his fire brand and stone hammer held in readiness, and his sharp eyes and keen ears alert to catch the first sign of trouble.
4 literary A sword.


[with object]
1Mark (an animal, formerly a criminal or slave) with a branding iron.
Example sentences
  • They are cursed to the tenth generation and should be branded with a mark before their long and painful deaths.
  • Cattle raising, an important source and symbol of wealth in the countryside, was feasible for many because the animals were branded and left to graze freely on open land.
  • Provision would be made to brand the animals, which would be seen by veterinarians provided by the provincial department.
mark, stamp, burn, sear
1.1Mark indelibly: an ointment that branded her with unsightly violet-colored splotches
More example sentences
  • But even without Augmented memory, this piece would have been branded indelibly on his brain.
  • There were no wrinkles, no folds, or stretch marks that would have branded her a mother.
  • An imprint left from the wooden crevices branded a mark on her face as she gritted her teeth.
engrave, stamp, etch, imprint
1.2Describe (someone or something) as something bad or shameful: the do-gooders branded us as politically incorrect [with object and complement]: she was branded a liar
More example sentences
  • To accept this, however, would be to underrate our heroine, branding her as some kind of cheap accessory when she is, by many accounts, a gutsy and rugged individual.
  • I could go on, but all I can say is that branding her as someone unfit to serve because of her politics is grossly unfair.
  • He angrily criticised the national guards supporting the troops, branding them as ‘traitors’.
stigmatize, mark out;
denounce, discredit, vilify;
2Assign a brand name to: (as adjective branded) branded goods at low prices
More example sentences
  • Sometimes consumers may be quite happy buying a low-priced branded product knowing that it is a counterfeit copy.
  • An update will also be welcome on the firm's decision to start selling branded products through supermarket discounter Lidl.
  • He made his millions selling low-cost branded perfumes to retailers.
2.1 (as noun branding) The promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.
Example sentences
  • PDF can preserve the design integrity and visual branding of publications and advertisements and allows pages to scale to the size of the display in full-screen view.
  • Sponsors receive exclusive rights to promotion and branding around the event, including premium advertising positions at every match.
  • Preecha said the ministry has also planned to encourage outsourcing, designing, and branding of Thai products so that they can gain more recognition on the world market.



Example sentences
  • The branders and marketeers would like to bypass the image of refined sherry drinkers taking their apéritif from miniature schooners with the little finger slightly adrift of the glass.
  • Next time you hear a Monroe doctrinaire utter that the brand belongs to the consumer, just take the aphorism for what it is - just another delusion of branders.
  • The Web site is well known as being an utter failure, but are the hardcore branders right?


Old English, of Germanic origin; related to German Brand, also to burn1. The word originally meant 'burning' or 'a piece of burning or smoldering wood' (sense 3 of the noun); the verb sense 'mark permanently with a hot iron' dates from late Middle English. The noun sense 'mark of ownership made by branding', based on the latter, arose in the mid 17th century, and from it is derived sense 1 (early 19th century).

  • Something that is brand new is really being likened to something hot and glowing from a fire: Shakespeare used the similar phrase fire-new. Brand existed in Old English in the senses ‘burning’ and ‘a piece of burning wood’. The sense ‘mark permanently with a hot iron’ gave rise to ‘a mark of ownership made by branding’, hence the current use ‘a type of product manufactured under a particular name’.

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