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Syllabification: break·er
Pronunciation: /ˈbrākər


1A heavy sea wave that breaks into white foam on the shore or a shoal.
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  • In a split second all eyes turned eastward and there, at the end of Telescope Point, was the white sail barely visible as it competed with the white foam of the breakers.
  • We went off quickly to the beach to look at the Baltic - walked through the forest from the car park, and then on to the very fine sand on an almost totally deserted beach, with heavy breakers rolling onto the shore.
  • The men heaved on the oars and the ship rolled and heaved through the white breakers.
informal (big) kahuna
2A person or thing that breaks something: [in combination]: a rule-breaker a code-breaker
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  • Add to that: vain, an inveterate breaker of promises, a gambler and a lover of alibis, and the picture becomes ever more confusing.
  • And if either of you break the pact the other person you shook with gets to hurt the promise breaker in some way.
  • Trips on the train and to the White House serve as tension breakers - and can only help keep the Coyotes together.
2.1A person who breaks horses.
2.2 short for circuit breaker.
3A person who interrupts the conversation of others on a Citizens' Band radio channel, indicating a wish to transmit a message.
3.1Any CB radio user.
4A break dancer.
More example sentences
  • Bruises, sprained wrists and ankles, and dislocated shoulders are not uncommon for a breaker.
  • A break-dancer is also known as a breaker.
  • They also feature some histories and definitions for new breakers.

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