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Syllabification: brew
Pronunciation: /bro͞o


[with object]
  • 1Make (beer) by soaking, boiling, and fermentation.
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    • The brewery wants to be seen as the good guys, brewing a clean beer.
    • They brew cask beers using only traditional methods and use mainly locally grown hops wherever possible.
    • Bock beer was traditionally brewed in the fall.
    ferment, make
  • 2Make (tea or coffee) by mixing it with hot water: I’ve just brewed some coffee [no object]: he did a crossword while the tea brewed
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    • Then she added water and started brewing the coffee.
    • He then told me that he had forgotten to remove the coffee grounds from the maker before I brewed my tea.
    • He also brewed a jasmine tea that he had found in one of the cupboards.
    prepare, infuse, make, steep, stew
  • 2.1 (brew up) British informal Make tea.
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    • He brewed up some tea and started a fire while Jocelyn dried her face and cleaned herself up a little.
    • The dark-haired lady smiled and began brewing up some cold tea.
    • She had brewed up some sassafras tea and given him a mug to drink in front of the fire.
  • 3 [no object] (Of an unwelcome event or situation) begin to develop: there was more trouble brewing as the airline pilots went on strike a storm was brewing
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    • First of all, we don't have that situation brewing right now.
    • Tensions arising from this situation brewed for several years.
    • A similar debate is brewing on the other side of the Atlantic.
    develop, loom, threaten, impend, be imminent, be on the horizon, be in the offing


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  • 1A kind of beer: nonalcoholic brews
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    • The problems are the same as with other new product explosions of recent years, such as non-alcohol brews.
    • Company products include specialty beers, malt beverages and non-alcoholic brews.
    • Beer fans will love the selection of brews offered at Clubhouse.
  • 1.1 informal A serving of beer.
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    • He reached into the fridge and brought out another pair of brew, placing it beside Sofia's empty bottle.
    • It featured 377 breweries pouring brews for more than 29,500 attendees.
    • My officemates liked having cold brews on tap.
  • 2A cup or mug of tea or coffee.
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    • It is well known among soldiers for delivering hot and cold brews and biscuits.
    • After stirring the hot brew once more, she set the bowl aside and turned to Will.
    • You've just got to try drinking a herbal brew from a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.
    drink, beverage; tea, coffee
  • 3A mixture of events, people, or things that interact to form a more potent whole: a dangerous brew of political turmoil and violent conflict
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    • Still, given the potent brew of personalities, it was natural that rumours would flourish, and they did.
    • It's a potent brew of emotions that is imparted with much laughter through tears.
    • New public management is a complex brew of political, economic and managerial claims.
    mixture, mix, blend, combination, amalgam, mishmash, hodgepodge



More example sentences
  • If these new bottles are a hit, other big brewers could follow suit.
  • Some brewers of opaque beer are already cutting production capacities.
  • The large brewers in North America have enormous sums of money to throw about in advertising.


Old English brēowan (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch brouwen and German brauen.

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