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Syllabification: bur·ble
Pronunciation: /ˈbərbəl


[no object]
  • 1Make a continuous murmuring noise: the wind burbled at his ear
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    • I jammed my head over the railing on the gorge's upstream side: nothing but the pretty stream burbling over rocks and between snowbanks 70 feet below.
    • It had a trout stream burbling through the middle of it - I didn't fish - and too many ruined barns to do up.
    • He drew deeply on his hookah, wheezing and coughing, making it burble and bubble in the still air.
    gurgle, bubble, murmur, purr, whirr, drone, hum, rumble
  • 1.1Speak in an unintelligible or silly way, typically at unnecessary length: he burbled on about annuities [with object]: he was burbling inanities
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    • He could have burbled on, said things he didn't mean to say, kept it going just for appearances.
    • And along beside Mott's Road the stream is gurgling, babbling, chattering, bubbling, giggling, chortling, burbling - so many words to express the natural joy, the hilarity of nature doing what it does best: glorifying God in its self.
    • Now I am hiding in my room sniggering & eating ice cream, & in a second I'll probably start giggling uncontrollably & burbling about Jim Morrison.
    prattle, blather, babble, gabble, prate, drivel, rattle, ramble, maunder, run
    informal jabber, blabber, yammer, yatter, gab, waffle
  • 1.2 Aeronautics (often as noun burbling) (Of an airflow) break up into turbulence.
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    • At greater than approximately 110-120 kias (altitude 1200-3500ft) there is significant buffeting or burbling of airflow felt in the airframe.
    • Just before a wing stalls, the airflow "burbles," or becomes turbulent over the upper surface of the wing.
    • The airflow over the tail was burbling and that is when I lost control.


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  • 1Continuous murmuring noise.
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    • As she crests the ridge, high above the water, she catches the first white-noise burble.
    • The engine kicks into life - but not so much with a deep-throated roar as a pleasing, tinny burble.
    • Gensets with integral sound shields can be very quiet, especially when fitted with exhaust systems that separate cooling water from the exhaust gas, avoiding the annoying burble/splash of the conventional exhaust system.
  • 1.1Rambling speech: an hour of boring burble
    More example sentences
    • Chattering, always chattering with the indecipherable burble of an audience.
    • So much babble and burble is spoken about the internet and cyber-space that I almost recoil from it but the web conforms entirely to the free market idea of an end-independent spontaneous order.
    • So… you need a Famous Writer, or at a pinch, a Famous Reviewer (which is all too often an oxymoron) to produce the necessary burble for the blurb.


Middle English (in the sense 'to bubble'): imitative. Current senses date from the late 19th century.

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