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Syllabification: calm
Pronunciation: /kä(l)m


  • 2(Of the weather) pleasantly free from wind: the night was clear and calm
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    • In New Zealand lake water can be stored while wind power is available and used in calm weather.
    • Some of these failures occur during perfectly calm weather.
    • When the wind blows, it can be a fearsome proposition, yet, like all links, it is vulnerable when the weather is calm and placid.
  • 2.1(Of the sea) not disturbed by large waves.
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    • Even in calm seas, the waves breaking over a reef are dangerous.
    • It was really nice just to follow the cliffs and look down onto a dead calm sea with a setting sun in the west giving the whole scene a nice warm glow.
    • I'd do a brief but deep meditation - start by visualising a calm sea and synchronising your breath to the waves.
    tranquil, still, smooth, glassy, like a millpond
    literary stilly


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  • 2The absence of wind: in the center of the storm calm prevailed
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    • There has been sunshine, hail, rain, sleet, wind and calm all within minutes of each other, but more often at the same time; a tangible oxymoron.
    • For example, if you use the helium balloon with the light wind kite it will fly in that period between light winds and flat calm.
    • Some people dozed during this eerie calm only to be awakened by rushing, howling winds when the back side of the hurricane struck.
  • 2.1Still air represented by force 0 on the Beaufort scale (less than 1 knot).
  • 2.2 (often calms) An area of the sea without wind.
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    • The big challenge ahead is the notorious Doldrum belt, where the trade winds in the northern hemisphere cancel out those to the south, producing a vast area of squalls and calms where boats can stall for days.
    • The crew's morale bottomed out when the Wave Warrior hit the Doldrums, an area near the equator that is notorious for its calms and its light, shifting winds.
    • Ask any fisherman what his greatest enemies are and high on the list will come midges, flat calms and leaking waders.


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  • 1Make (someone) tranquil and quiet; soothe: I took him inside and tried to calm him down he lit a cigarette to calm his nerves (as adjective calming) a cup of tea will have a calming effect
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    • After eventually calming the woman down and assuring her they mean no harm they take her to shelter in a nearby house.
    • Strangely, the song calmed people down and stopped them from running too far.
    • They helped and calmed the victims and certainly prevented the patients from deteriorating further.
  • 1.1 [no object] (calm down) (Of a person) become tranquil and quiet: gradually I calmed down and lost my anxiety
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    • It could be a matter of sitting in a quiet room, or walking in a park, or going to a church, and then gradually and gently calming down.
    • When the drugs take affect she calms down and stops yelling.
    • After calming down and finishing my homework, I went to bed.
    compose oneself, recover/regain one's composure, control oneself, pull oneself together, simmer down, cool down/off, take it easy
    informal get a grip, keep one's shirt on, chill (out), chillax, take a chill pill, cool one's jets, hang/stay loose, decompress


the calm before the storm

see storm.



More example sentences
  • They have already, we note, calmly written their answer down some time before.
  • She calmly took a gun from her glove compartment and shot all three dead.
  • I give up reading my book on effective dough-making, leave the book on my lap and breath calmly.


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  • You should find that your anxiety, anger and lack of calmness will change into serenity and balance.
  • In typically low dosages it provides a moderate euphoria and calmness.
  • He battled his final illness with calmness and perseverance, even then communicating his love to his wife.


late Middle English: via one of the Romance languages from Greek kauma 'heat (of the day)'.

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