There are 2 definitions of caper in English:


Syllabification: ca·per
Pronunciation: /ˈkāpər


[no object]
Skip or dance about in a lively or playful way: children were capering about the room
More example sentences
  • I see you have Lindo still capering along behind you everywhere you go.
  • He capered and cavorted growing louder by the moment, so that it was a fair bit before the French player's quiet protestations could be heard.
  • Whatever, it set the howler monkeys capering in their giddiest branches, and jabbering almost as much as Jack.


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1A playful skipping movement: she did a little caper
More example sentences
  • Frankie did a little caper around the back of the van, on all fours like a demented monkey.
  • Rupert leaps into the crowd, has a caper around the room and still manages not to miss a beat.
  • Sienna grabs onto Taranian's shoulder in a bout of joy, and does a caper around her friend, laughing in a barely sane manner.
dance, skip, hop, leap, jump
2 informal An activity or escapade, typically one that is illicit or ridiculous.
More example sentences
  • If he escapes, it will be a trick worthy of the swimming-pool caper.
  • Tim Gillin writes about the latest caper of Australia's ‘multicultural’ bureaucrats.
  • The New York Times report cleverly tries to insinuate that the caper involved currency speculation, but the truth is more interesting.
stunt, monkey business, escapade, prank, trick, mischief, foolery, tomfoolery, antics, hijinks, skylarking, lark, shenanigans
2.1An amusing or far-fetched story, especially one presented on film or stage: a cop caper about intergalactic drug dealers
More example sentences
  • This is the task facing Steven Soderbergh and co, as they bring you the sequel to their crime caper, Ocean's 12.
  • Just don't expect a ‘post-modern’ crime caper in the Quentin Tarantino vein.
  • Rockwell, too, is no slouch in the cool stakes, having already teamed up with George Clooney for crime capers, Welcome to Collinwood and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.


late 16th century: abbreviation of capriole.


cut a caper

Make a playful, skipping movement.
More example sentences
  • When he clowned people laughed dutifully, when he cut a caper they applauded reverentially.
  • He, too, stopped to listen, and he even cut a caper or two in the hope of attracting attention.
  • And the hag, insisting that she felt a child quick within her, begged Bourgeois to feel how the wee jester cut a caper in her belly.



Pronunciation: /ˈkāpərər/
More example sentences
  • Kingsley is not much of a caperer, and the few scenes of physical merriment seem strained.
  • But from the moment the two little caperers cross the stage to stand at the edge of two small rectangles of light that have appeared on the floor, ‘Rhythm Plus’ is built around walking.
  • Many a time has Captain Katzenjammer, famed obese comic-strip caperer, deceived his frau by making a balloon facsimile of himself, painting his vapid likeness on it, stuffing it into bed.

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There are 2 definitions of caper in English:


Syllabification: ca·per
Pronunciation: /


1 (usually capers) The cooked and pickled flower buds of a bramblelike southern European shrub, used to flavor food.
More example sentences
  • They go well with the strong Mediterranean flavours of anchovy, garlic, capers, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and oregano, and Greek cheeses such as feta and halloumi.
  • Add garlic, capers and cayenne pepper and sauté for two minutes.
  • In a large frying pan, combine the olive oil, diced salmon, lemon zest, capers, parsley, sea salt and pepper and cook gently until the salmon changes colour.
2The shrub from which capers are taken.
  • Capparis spinosa, family Capparidaceae
More example sentences
  • Avinoam Danin, a botanist from Hebrew University of Jerusalem claims he has identified pollen from the tumbleweed Gundelia tournefortii and a bean caper on the shroud.
  • They lay their eggs on plants in the caper family, like the wild passion fruit bush.
  • A caper is a biennial spiny shrub that bears a fleshy rounded leaves and big white/pink flowers


late Middle English: from French câpres or Latin capparis, from Greek kapparis; later interpreted as plural, hence the loss of the final -s in the 16th century.

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