Definition of careless in English:


Syllabification: care·less
Pronunciation: /ˈkerləs


1Not giving sufficient attention or thought to avoiding harm or errors: she had been careless and had left the window unlocked
More example sentences
  • Employers have every right to take reasonable steps to protect themselves from harm from malicious or careless workers.
  • Pray that whatever has caused them to be so careless doesn't harm them or someone else.
  • It is not fair on others to behave in a careless, foolhardy fashion.
inattentive, incautious, negligent, absentminded, remiss; heedless, irresponsible, impetuous, reckless, foolhardy; cavalier, supercilious, devil-may-careshoddy, slapdash, slipshod, slovenly, negligent, lax, slack, disorganized, hasty, hurried
informal sloppy, slaphappy
thoughtless, insensitive, indiscreet, unguarded, incautious, inadvertentheedless of, unconcerned with, indifferent to, oblivious to
1.1(Of an action or its result) showing or caused by a lack of attention: he admitted to careless driving a careless error
More example sentences
  • In planning a quilt, my reaction to this ordered system has always been a reckless measuring which produces careless results.
  • Why 100,000 Americans die each year in our nation's hospitals as a result of careless medical mistakes.
  • And, yes, there were tragic accidents to mar it, resulting from careless handling of the fireworks.
1.2 [predicative] (careless of/about) Not concerned or worried about: he was careless about his own safety
More example sentences
  • The three main parties focus on these ‘swing’ voters and the issues that concern them, careless of the views of the rest of us.
  • That made him careless about liberty and willing to use the authority of the state to create the sort of society he wanted to see.
  • No one suggests that the government should be casual or careless about the terrorists in our midst.
1.3Showing no interest or effort; casual: she gave a careless shrug
More example sentences
  • So we covered 1,500 kilometres and more - the actual spots seldom reveal themselves to a casual or careless traveller.
  • The careless, the casual, the thoughtless reader will come away from them no wiser than he was before.
  • ‘I never felt like I belonged in that world,’ he says with a careless shrug.


Old English carlēas 'free from care' (see care, -less).



More example sentences
  • When I was in Indonesia a young man was killed on his motor bike by a truck carelessly driving on the wrong side of the road.
  • Fire chiefs said the fire was started by carelessly discarded smoking material.
  • His counsel, Bernard Eaton, said there was no evidence that he had driven dangerously but only carelessly.

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