Definition of cement in English:

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Pronunciation: /səˈment/


1A powdery substance made with calcined lime and clay. It is mixed with water to form mortar or mixed with sand, gravel, and water to make concrete.
Example sentences
  • We were having some building work done and there was cement, sand and mortar lying around.
  • Construction methods are traditional: earth bricks, stone, gravel, cement and sand, with flat or thatched roofs.
  • This figure is the ratio of sand to the sum of the Portland cement, lime, and mortar cement or masonry cement in the mortar.
1.1A soft glue that hardens on setting: rubber cement
More example sentences
  • ‘Hey Adam thanks for letting me use your spiking glue and spiking cement today,’ Ian said.
  • I placed the front panel of California face down on the floor and used Dap Weldwood contact cement to glue side-pieces along the edges.
  • If you have quick-set epoxy or muffler cement, patch the leaks after allowing the damaged section to dry thoroughly.
1.2An element that unites a group of people: traditional entertainment was a form of community cement
More example sentences
  • Without effective state support for disciplinary sanctions, voluntary consensus was the only real cement for community.
  • Islam was the cement he used to unite the Arab tribes; commerce was to be the only noble occupation.
  • We may regard the DANCE ANNUAL DIRECTORY as a bunch of names and numbers, but it truly is the cement of our community.
1.3 another term for concrete.
Example sentences
  • The room is constructed of cinderblocks, gravel, and cement, giving it a very old-fashioned medieval dungeon like appearance.
  • West Wiltshire MP Andrew Murrison has challenged the Environment Agency's plans to allow the burning of toxic waste in cement and lime kilns.
  • The exuberant, deadly light embraced the dank alley as it sped toward Zarl, uprooting the earth once trapped by cement and gravel.
1.4A substance for filling cavities in teeth.
Example sentences
  • All electrodes were soldered to a miniature socket, which was attached to the skull with dental cement.
  • The Israeli surgeons say that a form of root canal treatment by injection of cement may be effective in a range of bone and joint disorders.
  • Bonding between the cement and dental hard tissues is achieved through an ionic exchange at the interface.
1.5 (also cementum) Anatomy A thin layer of bony material that fixes teeth to the jaw.
Example sentences
  • A bony layer of cementum covers the outside of the root, under the gum line, and holds the tooth in place within the jawbone.
  • The fibres of the periodontal ligament attach through cementum to the dentine surface.
  • After further validation of their findings, Shi said he and his colleagues decided to pursue the next big question: Could these stem cells actually form periodontal ligament and cementum when transplanted into mice?
1.6 Geology The material that binds particles together in sedimentary rock.
Example sentences
  • These hard, round spheres of sedimentary rock cement are carried into place by ground water.
  • Deformation bands and early calcite cement develop upon wall-rock contraction after fluidization ceased and fluid pressures dropped.
  • The tight grain packing and typical absence of cement in the ejecta show that porosity loss has gone to completion and hence the volume reduction will be equivalent to or exceed the initial porosity.


[with object]
1Attach with cement: wooden posts were cemented into the ground
More example sentences
  • I made a start yesterday by cementing the first supporting post in but I'll have to wait till the weekend till I can get back to it.
  • The nearby Jubilee Garden, next to the Old Bell Hotel, has four benches, which have been cemented to the ground because of previous problems with vandalism.
  • The concrete blocks were placed on the street's surface, using interlocking sections and were not cemented to the ground.
1.1Settle or establish firmly: the two firms are expected to cement an agreement soon
More example sentences
  • Finally, elitist condescension, however merited, helps cement Bush's bond to the masses.
  • Apart from creating employment is also serves to enhance the area and cement community and social bonds.
  • Malinowski found that kula cements social bonds between island groups, and according to anthropologist Richard Harper this makes it an ideal basis for new ways to make technology useful.
1.2 Geology (Of a material) bind (particles) together in sedimentary rock.
Example sentences
  • The sediment is cemented by material derived from pore waters and grain dissolution.
  • This material cemented nuggets of gold and contained gold itself.
  • Outcrops of the Leadville Limestone at the south end of Main Street contain vugs of quartz crystals that have cemented brecciated limestone.



Example sentences
  • Stage cementing can be accomplished by employing such valved cementers at successive stages within the borehole.
  • An improved method of operating a stage cementer is disclosed.
  • We are currently seeking clients interested in experienced onshore cementers and also seeking new clients looking for cementers with down hole tools experience for offshore installations.


Middle English: from Old French ciment (noun), cimenter (verb), from Latin caementum 'quarry stone', from caedere 'hew'.

  • This is from Old French ciment from Latin caementum ‘quarry stone’. Cement was originally used for the material added to mortar to make something closer to concrete, a term only used for building material from the mid 19th century, but which was used in other senses from Late Middle English. It comes from Latin concrescere ‘grow together’.

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