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Syllabification: cent
Pronunciation: /sent


1A monetary unit of the US, Canada, and various other countries, equal to one hundredth of a dollar, euro, or other decimal currency unit.
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  • How many cents equal one dollar is not something that is subject to fluctuations.
  • At the same time, the dollar traded near 88.5 cents against the euro, its lowest level since 17 May.
  • Currently, 92 cents of every dollar spent on conservation payments to farmers is for their retiring environmentally sensitive land from production.
1.1 informal A small sum of money: she saved every cent possible
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  • We fail to understand the huge difference, and everyone is going to save that few extra cents wherever possible.
  • It's the perception that I'm probably saving a few cents in the long run.
  • Every cent of that money should be spent for a good reason, especially in a time of budget difficulties, as a matter of public interest.
1.2 [in singular with negative] informal Used for emphasis to denote any money at all: he hadn’t yet earned a cent
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  • After all, given the Parliamentary taxpayer funded work that they have done in the past, I think we deserve an assurance that not one cent of taxpayer money went into the website.
  • It asked for not one cent of provincial money, and in fact was required to pay a ‘negative subsidy’ of some $30 million a year to the province.
  • ‘Not one cent of taxpayers money has been used in any other than the most proper ethical and moral way,’ he told reporters.
2 Music One hundredth of a half step.
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  • In a melodic half step, no "tendency was perceived of the lower tone toward the ... and diatonic semitones are 76.0490 and 117.108 cents wide respectively.
  • The closest intervals to an equal- tempered, 100-cent half-step are 63 cents or 177.
  • This proposal defines an easier micro tuning that sets offsets from an equal-tempered half-step by the cent.


late Middle English (in the sense 'a hundred'): from French cent, Italian cento, or Latin centum 'hundred'.


one's two cents’ worth

North American informal One’s unsolicited opinion.
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  • So in the interest of full disclosure, I am admitting here that I wrote a letter to George Lucas two years ago, when it first came through the grapevine that he was making a new Star Wars film, to give him my two cents' worth.
  • Below that - you will find my two cents' worth because I decided to ‘sign’ his guest book and add my own comments… just couldn't resist.
  • Australian Rugby Union chief executive John O'Neill, never shy to offer an opinion, has also chipped in with his two cents' worth.

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