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Syllabification: cen·tric
Pronunciation: /ˈsentrik


1In or at the center; central: centric and peripheral forces
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  • ‘The 1991 elections created a sociological mistake by expressing a potential for a centric option because of an artificial division between left and right parties,’ added Dimitrova.
  • Facts such as the proportion of a book page, the printing in clear black ink on good white paper, the traditional harmony of centric design.
  • The galloping, tinny, insistence of the entering drumbeat complements the solid but unobtrusively centric anchoring provided by Robert Donne's bass - minimal yet of maximum importance.
2 Botany (Of a diatom) radially symmetrical. Compare with pennate.
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  • The diatoms were the most diverse and abundant assemblage of algae throughout the year at both stations, with the centric diatoms more abundant than the pennate species.
  • We did not identify Cyclotella meneghiniana Kuetzing in any of our samples despite lists which described C. meneghiniana as the dominant centric diatom present in the lake (Parson and Parker 1989a).
  • The planktonic centric diatom Actinocyclus nonnanhi was the primary vector of tracer nitrogen to benthic and water-column organisms.


late 16th century: from Greek kentrikos, from kentron 'sharp point' (see center).



Pronunciation: /-trikəl/
More example sentences
  • Hotel Continental Barcelona is a small hotel located in the most centrical and emblematic area of Barcelona.
  • Parador El Ferrol Hotel is located in the centrical place where the old city of medieval style ends and the modern rationalist one dating from the 18th century begins.
  • After a skilful contest, Miss Harcourt was declared the successful Archer, having the most centrical arrow of the whole.


Pronunciation: /senˈtrisətē/
More example sentences
  • A significant measure of centricity was established to facilitate the operation of state bureaucracy, but the system was not monolithic.
  • Thus the overall comprehensibility of the piece suffers somewhat by the constant shifting of tonal frames of reference - between sections that assert focal centricity and those that float free from it.
  • A distinct centricity therefore is inaugurated in this opening section by two musical sentences, each concluding with structurally important silences.

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