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Syllabification: chi·ton
Pronunciation: /ˈkītn, ˈkīˌtän


  • 1A long woolen tunic worn in ancient Greece.
    [from Greek khitōn 'tunic']
    More example sentences
    • To begin the day the class dressed in their chitons and prepared for an Olympics.
    • Over the chiton, if you could afford it, a woollen cloak was worn, made from an oblong piece of cloth, usually simply draped around the body, sometimes pinned on one side.
    • I pulled on a chiton and wrapped a himation around me since the day was cool.
  • 2A marine mollusk that has an oval flattened body with a shell of overlapping plates.
    [modern Latin (genus name)]
    • Class Polyplacophora
    More example sentences
    • A chiton has eight overlapping shell plates, and can, if dislodged, roll into a rough ball with its plates on the exterior.
    • We do have pages on the Solenogastres and the worm-like Caudofoveata, as well as the chitons and some early shelled mollusks, the Rostroconchia.
    • Conchiferans are ‘all molluscs except chitons and aplacophorans’ - i.e. snails, cephalopods, etc.

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