Definition of cigar in English:


Syllabification: ci·gar
Pronunciation: /səˈɡär


A cylinder of tobacco rolled in tobacco leaves for smoking.
More example sentences
  • They smoke pipes, whereas Bertie Wooster and his friends smoke cigars or cigarettes.
  • The smoke from their cigars burned the inside of her nose as she quickly walked past them.
  • Some cigarette smokers, particularly men, switch to smoking cigars or pipes as a means of giving up cigarettes.


early 18th century: from French cigare, or from Spanish cigarro, probably from Mayan sik'ar 'smoking'.


close, but no cigar

North American informal (Of an attempt) almost, but not quite successful.
[referring to a cigar received in congratulation]
More example sentences
  • Despite demographic changes, all signs are that it will be another case of close but no cigar.
  • These fall into the ‘close but no cigar’ category.
  • It's a worthy effort: close but no cigar.

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