There are 2 definitions of cleft in English:


Syllabification: cleft
Pronunciation: /kleft
past and past participle of cleave1.


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Split, divided, or partially divided into two: a cleft chin
More example sentences
  • Mostly, he saw Bert's fists moving rhythmically, seeming inexorably drawn to Marlon's cleft chin like magnets drawn to metal.
  • Painted five years earlier, the nine children of Friedrich Wilhelm Paul Leopold of Schleswig-Holstein each shared the dark eyes and cleft chin of their father.
  • Many orthopedic conditions, just like dimples or cleft chins, are just normal variations of human anatomy that don't require treatment.
split, divided, cloven, bifid

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There are 2 definitions of cleft in English:


Syllabification: cleft
Pronunciation: /


1A fissure or split, especially one in rock or the ground.
More example sentences
  • The kraal had been ripped asunder, and the ground within the rock cleft and by the cave entrance was littered with dead sheep.
  • A thin cleft in the rock split the ridge like a wound.
  • There is an early legend that swallows and swifts hibernated in caves or clefts in the rocks.
1.1A vertical indentation in the middle of a person’s forehead or chin.
More example sentences
  • He ran his thumb down the cleft of his chin, self-consciously, over a small vertical shaving nick on the cleft of his chin.
  • His deep Italian accent made him look all the more adorable as did the small mole left on the cleft of his dimpled chin.
  • The image of him was quickly fading from Kathleen's mind, but she remembered his firm chin, with a decided cleft down its middle.
1.2A deep division between two parts of the body.
More example sentences
  • It is rare that tissue is needed from elsewhere in the body to close a cleft.
  • There is no nerve plexus in the clefts between these muscle layers.
  • He or she will feel for pulses behind your inside ankle bone or in the cleft between your big and next toe.


Middle English clift: of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kluft and German Kluft, also to cleave1. The form of the word was altered in the 16th century by association with cleft1.

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