Definition of climactic in English:


Syllabification: cli·mac·tic
Pronunciation: /klīˈmaktik
, kləˈmaktik


(Of an action, event, or scene) exciting or thrilling and acting as a climax to a series of events: the film’s climactic scenes
More example sentences
  • She appeared in more than a few slasher movies, always the young heroine who outsmarts the killer in a climactic final chase scene.
  • And the final climactic emotional moment is cringe inducing rather than searingly moving.
  • The World Cup is one coherent drama with developing conflict, mounting tension and a climactic resolution.
final, ending, closing, concluding, ultimate;
exciting, thrilling, gripping, riveting, dramatic, hair-raising;
crucial, decisive, critical


late 19th century: formed irregularly from climax + -ic, probably influenced by climacteric.


Climactic and climatic are very similar in spelling and are often confused. Climactic means ‘forming a climax,’ as in the movie’s climactic scene, while climatic meansrelating to climate,’ as in prevailing climatic conditions.



Pronunciation: /-ik(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • When they converge in the middle to symbolise the cross, mood changes from meditative to climactically vehement.
  • Here the scale and repeated notes from bar 4 climactically return.
  • But not so in opera, where legato in a favourite aria can still an audience and then climactically bring it to its feet over the full spectrum of human emotions.

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