Definition of clot in English:


Syllabification: clot
Pronunciation: /klät


1A thick mass of coagulated liquid, especially blood, or of material stuck together: a flat, wet clot of dead leaves figurative a clot of people arguing in the doorway
More example sentences
  • The infected cells stick together, forming clots in the fine blood vessels of the brain.
  • The most common type of embolus is a clot of blood, but other things can cause an embolism too.
  • She wiped away the little clot of blood on his right ear and kissed it.
2British informal A foolish or clumsy person: “Watch where you’re going, you clot!”
More example sentences
  • Meanwhile some clumsy clot seems to have copied and pasted from last year's invitations.
  • Maybe somewhere my friend was being similarly greeted and on the cusp of turning from a loveable clot into a threatening idiot.

verb (clots, clotting, clotted)

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1Form or cause to form into clots: [no object]: drugs that help blood to clot [with object]: a blood protein known as factor VIII clots blood
More example sentences
  • The thickened blood may clot in the fingers and toes, causing numbness, or in the brain, causing dizziness and confusion.
  • Platelets are blood components that aid clotting.
  • Fluid from the ovaries prevents blood from clotting.
1.1 [with object] Cover (something) with sticky matter: its nostrils were clotted with blood
More example sentences
  • On Saturday the sky was clotted with unseasonable gray clouds that hung over the San Gabriel Mountains, which rose sharply about a mile in the distance.
  • Veiled by rain and ringed with cloud which clotted every crevice and clogged up the view, it felt like the only place left on earth.
  • Your faces are clotted with pimples, and your hair is oily.


Old English clott, clot, of Germanic origin; related to German Klotz.

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